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Single Screen by DiVA

How can I access my DiVA?

Check the Get Connected page to see how to connect the cables to your DiVA player. Then follow the Configuration Wizard to configure your player. Once done, you are ready to Create Content.

How to create a content backup on DiVA?

To create a backup of the content existing on a DiVA player, click on CREATE, select the asset(s) you want to back up, and click on the "Backup" button.

Why the player cannot display content from Internet?

The RSS app and Weather app require access to Internet - if the player is connected to a network with Internet access, but the network status on the Control Center home page is not OK, then verify whether a proxy server is required for the Internet access; if so, enter its details under Network > HTTP Proxy.

Single Site by Elementi S

How can I access my HMP?

Check the Get Connected page to see how to connect the cables to your HMP. Then follow the on-screen wizard to configure your player using HMP Control Center. You can use any of the HMP addresses in your browser to access the HMP.

What server do I need to use with my HMP?

The HMP do not need any additional server. It comes with its own internal storage. You can use the built-in interface ( or Fusion for HMP200/HMP130) to manage the content to be displayed, or the Windows-based Elementi software to create and publish content on any number of HMP devices.

How do I install Elementi on a new PC?

  1. Download the software from
  2. Either start the 30 day trial or enter your License key to activate Elementi. Note that Elementi needs to have access to Internet / our servers to perform this task, otherwise, you need to follow the manual activation procedure.

Can I install Elementi on a server?

Elementi has been designed to run on Windows workstations. Windows Server OS are not officially supported, mostly due to poor graphic performances. For the same reason, virtual machines are also strongly not recommended.

Is there a version of Elementi for MAC?

No, Elementi only runs of Windows (see Elementi system requirements), thus MAC users need to use Boot Camp (with or without Parallels Desktop). Otherwise, Fusion can be used.

Are Elementi software updates included in the price?

As specified in the End User License Agreement, SpinetiX will provide free of charge all updates and version changes it makes generally commercially available to its customers during the period of 12 months from the first activation of the Product.

After this period, benefiting from new software updates requires a valid Update Plan subscription that the Dealer can purchase through Cockpit service.

How do I upgrade my Elementi ?

To upgrade to the latest version of Elementi, download the Elementi installer and execute it to install Elementi. Note that your current Elementi license must have a valid Update Plan associated with it.

What is the price to upgrade an Elementi license?

That depends on the date you activated your Elementi license - register your Elementi license into Cockpit and find out the expiration date of the Update Plan associated with your license. If Cockpit shows that you have a valid Update Plan, then you are entitled to a free upgrade. Otherwise, you need to purchase an Update plan extension for your license. Please contact your Dealer or Distributor for the price of the extension.

Is there a manual for Elementi?

Yes, you can find a manual under More information can be found on the Support Wiki.

How can I add my HMP device in Elementi if auto discovery does not work?

You need to add the HMP device manually. For this you need to enter the device serial number and its IP address (IPv4 or IPv6) into the configuration box. These details can be displayed on the screen connected to the HMP, by briefly pressing the HMP blue button.

Note that you must be able to access its HMP Control Center from a browser, as this ensures that Elementi can also access the player.

How do I backup my Elementi projects?

You can backup any Elementi project by right-clicking on its icon and selecting the Archive option.

To import your project backup into another instance of Elementi, simply drag & drop the 7z file into the Browse panel under the "Projects" view.

How can I display my CSV file on the HMP?

To display data from a CSV file on the HMP you need the following:

  • The CSV file itself; the file can either be imported as part of your Elementi project (if the file does not change often) or located on a web server (using services such as Box, Onedrive etc. is also possible).
  • A project based on the data-driven widgets to display the information in a formatted manner on the screen.

Note that special care must be taken to preserve the character encoding when exporting the CSV file from applications like Excel.

Can I use an UNC path (\\servername) to store my CSV file?

No, the HMP is not capable of retrieving data source from an UNC path such as \\servername, an HTTP Web server must be used instead.

I'm using a feed widget, but my data is updated only when I restart the player, why?

By default, when a Data feed widget is used, the refresh frequency is set to 'never'. Unless the feed is re-opened or is part of a Playlist, the data will never be refreshed. Set a duration into the refresh property (1h for instance) to ensure that your data is periodically refreshed.

How can I display a text ticker?

You can display a text ticker out of an RSS feed or a CSV file by using the "RSS Text Ticker" or "CSV Text Ticker" widgets included in Elementi Library > Feeds.

An inline text ticker is also available for downloaded from the Support Wiki.

Is there a simple way to display a message on the screen, without editing the content within Elementi?

Yes, you can use the Shared Variable framework and the Data feed widgets to have messages displayed on the screen. See the instant messaging project for more information on this subject.

Multi Site by Elementi M

Can I upgrade from Elementi S to Elementi M?

No, it is not possible to upgrade from one edition to another without buying a new Elementi license, corresponding to the edition you want.

See also the Elementi License section below.

What server do I need to use with my HMP?

If you need to use a server for storing the content, any web server can be used (Synology NAS, QNAP NAS, public WebDAV servers like myDrive, HTTP server with FTP for upload etc.).

Is there a CMS from SpinetiX for multi-user content management?

SpinetiX does not offer a CMS solution for content management - contact our partner in your region for such solutions.

HMP350 and HMP300

What is HMP Control Center?

HMP Control Center is the internal configuration interface of all the HMP used to interact directly with the device, both for making configuration changes and for requesting information from the device.

I have lost my HMP password, how to I recover it?

For security reasons, it is not possible to recover a lost HMP admin password. If you have lost your admin password, you will need to reset the HMP to factory default settings using the device blue button.

Can I use a USB drive for content?

Yes, the HMP can play content directly from a USB drive plugged into its USB port. It is usually employed when the HMP is not connected to the network for the content to be pushed directly on its local storage.

See "Plug & play USB drive content" page for more details on this subject.

Can I connect via Wi-Fi?

Yes, by using a Wi-Fi Ethernet adapter or a Wireless Access Point set in bridge mode. Note that the HMP does not support USB wireless adapters. For more details, see the Wi-Fi page.

Does the HMP support POE?

No, the HMP does not support POE (Power Over Ethernet). See Power over Ethernet page for more details on this subject.

Is the HMP compatible with Crestron or AMX controllers?

Yes - check the Crestron and AMX pages for more details on this subject.

I need to ask the security manager if we can integrate the HMP in the network. What can I tell him about security?

SpinetiX is very serious about security and you can find a lot of details on the Security page. The HMP can and should always be password protected. Your network administrator may also be interested in the list of ports opened by the HMP.

Note that SpinetiX is regularly releasing firmware updates (see Firmware release notes) which, among others, include security patches and vulnerabilities fixes.

What is the HMP350 second Ethernet port useful for?

The HMP350 features an integrated network switch with two Ethernet ports, which can be used interchangeably to connect to a network or for daisy-chaining multiple HMP350 devices (for instance within a video wall setup). Note that the two ports cannot be configured differently for access to different networks.

HMP200 and HMP130

How can I skip the HMP Control Center Wizard?

Since version 3.0, the HMP Wizard has been added to simplify the configuration of the HMP. To skip this wizard, select "Advanced" on the Operation Mode step, and then "Access HMP Control Center".

How do I open HMP Control Center when Fusion is enabled?

You can find a link to HMP Control Center on the home page of Fusion. Note that if you are already logged in, you need to log-off first to have the link.

Is there a manual for Fusion?

Yes, you can find the manual on the Fusion page.

Can I turn the screen on and off using the HMP? Does the HMP support CEC?

The HMP can use various form of power saving tools to turn on and off your screen (DPMS, DVI DPM or RS232), however the HMP does not support CEC for power control.

Special Features

What kinds of video wall shapes are supported by the HMP?

Elementi supports both standard grid-pattern layout and user-defined layout (which can be a mix of various screen sizes, orientation, or even screen overlaps) for multiscreen content. See more about how to create multiscreen content.

I want to build a 3x3 video wall, how many HMP devices do I need?

To get the best resolution and quality, each screen should be driven by one HMP, therefore for a 3x3 video wall a total of 9 players should be used.

Note that there is no limit to the number of screens that can be used in a multiscreen project; Elementi can easily manage a multiscreen project with up 15 screens, but for larger ones, you might encounter content creation difficulties.

When creating video wall content, should I create separate content for each screen?

No, Elementi lets you manage multiscreen content the same as for a single screen. The only limitation is for videos and images - if they are larger than 1920x1080, they need to be split in N videos / images of maximum 1920x1080. Note that starting with Elementi 2015, the splitting is done automatically - see more about importing large videos.

How to a synchronize my player in a video wall? Do I need extra cabling?

There is no need for extra hardware to build a video wall with HMP devices. The |synchronization is done thought the network using NTP. If you don't use a local NTP server, you can use an HMP as NTP server.

Can I show text tickers over multiple synchronized screens?

Yes, it is possible to use data-driven widgets over multiple screens - for more details see data feed synchronization page.

What kind of interactivity can I do with the HMP? Do you have samples?

The HMP supports 3 different type of interactivity:

The Elementi Library contains a set of interactive widgets to create interactive content in Elementi.

The Instant messaging project is a sample of interacting with the HMP using a web page. The RFID project shows how to control the content displayed by the player using an RFID reader. The jSignage Tutorials shows you how to write JavaScript for interactivity.

Can I use a touchscreen with the HMP?

Yes, the HMP supports virtually any touchscreen or touchscreen overlay which uses an HID compliant controller, is connected to the HMP via the USB port and works in single-touch mode. Please check the Supported touchscreen controllers and devices page for more details on this subject.

I have a new touchscreen, is it supported?

The HMP supports virtually any touchscreen or touchscreen overlay which uses an HID compliant controller, is connected to the HMP via the USB port and works in single-touch mode. Please check the Supported touchscreen controllers and devices page for more details on this subject.

Does the HMP supports multi-touch?

No, the HMP only supports single-touch actions. However, virtually any touchscreen or touchscreen overlay which uses an HID compliant controller, connected via the USB port is compatible with the HMP. Please check the Supported touchscreen controllers and devices page for more details on this subject.

Elementi X

Can the HMP connect with 3rd party applications?

The HMP can retrieve data from any HTTP source and display it using the Data feed widgets.

  • If the application is based on a REST API and is returning JSON or XML data then the example in the JSON data feed tutorial will help you getting started with the integration.
  • If the application relies on other technologies, a good understanding of tools available to Get and Post data and the Parsing functions from the HMP may be necessary for a complete integration.

Is the HMP compatible with eDirectory (or any other web services)?

The HMP can retrieve data from any HTTP source and display it using the Data feed widgets. See more details right above.

Elementi License

Can I use my Elementi License on multiple PCs ?

The Elementi License can be active on a single physical computer at any given time. Nevertheless, the license can be released from one PC and activated on another PC, directly from Elementi (or from Cockpit, but limited).

Can a license be used by multiple users?

Yes, as long as they are all using the same PC. Note that each user must activate the license under his / her Windows account.

Why do I get "License Key already in use" when trying to activate my license key?

You get this error message because that license key has been activated on another PC. To be able to activate the license on your PC, you first need to release the license from the other one.

Once you have released your license, you can activate it on the new PC.

Why does the Elementi license require to be checked periodically?

The Elementi license allows moving licenses from one PC to another upon user request; therefore, it is necessary to check periodically the license activation status on the server to avoid the license being used in parallel on multiple PCs.

The check of the license activation status is in general transparent to the user.

If Elementi has not access to Internet or to SpinetiX servers, a manual check procedure must be performed by the user at regular intervals. In this case, we highly recommend to register your license into Cockpit as this will let Elementi reducing the frequency of the periodical check and improve the user experience.

Please note that the main reason for not being able to reach our servers despite there is a working internet access, is to be found in an incorrect or incomplete proxy configuration.

I have used the Elementi 30 day trial, how can I extend the trial?

It is not possible to extend the 30 day Elementi trial.

You can obtain another trial license by following a partner training, if available in your region.

Why do I get an error when trying to register my Elementi license key in Cockpit?

There are different reasons for that:

  • Incorrect license key
    Double-check that the license key you entered is correct (look especially for similar characters like 0 and O, 1 and I, 5 and S etc.).
  • License already registered
    If the license key is already registered under another account, you need to ask the owner of the account to remove the license from his account. In case of problems contact your distributor or SpinetiX Support.

What is Elementi Update Plan ?

The Update Plan is a subscription period associated with an Elementi license wherein the customer has immediate access to the latest Elementi versions. See the Update Plan page for more details.

Why the license registration has been moved from to

A new, simplified, more flexible and more secure license registration interface has been added to Cockpit in June 2015.

Please check the Elementi licenses page for more details on what can be done with registered license keys.

File and Media Formats

What file type are supported by the HMP?

The HMP can play the following file types:

  • Image: PNG and JPG / JPEG. Other formats will be automatically converted by Elementi.
  • Video: AVI, MOV and MP4 are the recommended video format to be used. Others formats may be used as explained in the Video decoding page. Use of the H.264 video codec is recommend for the HMP200 and MPEG-4 (part2) for the HMP130 / HMP100. See the Encoding guides to re-encode your video if needed.
  • Audio: MP3' and M4A are the recommended audio format. Other formats may be used as explained on the Audio page.

My video does not play on the HMP, what should I do?

Check the Video decoding page for a complete list of codecs and video formats supported by the HMP. Also check the Encoding guides to see how to re-encode your video and the Streaming guide in case you are using video streaming.

Why there is no sound from my video?

The most common reason for this issue is the fact that the audio is not enabled on the HMP (default configuration). It must be explicitly be enabled.

Otherwise, check that the audio codec used within the video file is compatible with the HMP (in this case errors will be shown in the player.log). If it's not the case, then transcoding of the video file is needed.

Can I display live TV using the HMP?

The HMP cannot connect to live TV sources unless they are available over the network using RTSP, RTP, or UDP Streaming sources. To do this, you might need to use a dedicated hardware (see also this list of encoders and streamers known to be compatible with the HMP).

Is the HMP compatible with web streaming sources (Ustream, YouTube etc.)?

No, the HMP is only compatible with RTSP, RTP, or UDP streaming source formats, while web streaming is generally relying on proprietary formats (like HLS, Flash etc.) which are not supported by the HMP.

To display a video from YouTube or similar video sharing web sites, you need to download the video(s) locally (using browser add-ons, extension etc.) and then import the video into your project.

Can PowerPoint presentations be displayed on the HMP?

Yes, but not directly; the PowerPoint presentation should first be exported as video or as a collection of images from the PowerPoint application itself. Note also that the support for converting PowerPoint presentations into videos has been removed from Elementi 2015.

For more details, see how to use PowerPoint content.

Can Flash content be displayed on the HMP?

Yes, but not directly; the Flash animation should first be exported as video from the Flash application itself. For more details, see how to use Flash content.

Note that the support for converting Flash files into videos has been removed starting with Elementi 2015.

Can PDF content be displayed on the HMP?

No, the HMP cannot display PDF file, they must be manually converted to PNG files (which can be used within a playlist for instance).

Can a web page be displayed on the HMP?

All details about this subject can be found on the Web content page - the short answer is:

  • The HMP300 and HMP350 devices are able to understand HTML, so they can display static and semi-static web pages; complex web pages might not work though, due to limited resources available.
  • HMP200 or older models do not know HTML, so entering the URL of a page / website within a media layer will not have it displayed on the screen. Some alternatives are detailed on the Web content page.

Is the HMP fully compatible with HTML5?

No, the HMP is only compatible with some technologies of the HTML5 standard, such as SVG Tiny 1.2 Micro DOM (uDOM) API, JavaScript, XMLHttpRequest Level 1 API, HTMLImageElement, HTML Canvas 2D Context API.

Note that the jSignage API can be used to simplify writing JavaScript code for animations, interactivity & event handling, DOM traversal & manipulation, Ajax calls, data feed parsing etc.

Firmware Update

How to update the firmware of an HMP ?

The incremental update from the SpinetiX update server is the easiest way to update the player firmware; the player is required to have Internet connection to be able to reach the SpinetiX server. If it doesn't, then use one of the alternative firmware update methods.

How to update the firmware of an HMP which is not connected to the Internet?

All the firmware versions are available for download from SpinetiX server (for more details, see Firmware page) and you can use an alternative method to update the firmware on the HMP, using a USB drive or a local server.

I want to download the firmware, but the site ask me for a password.

The download area is password protected and you need to contact a local partner or SpinetiX Support to obtain the right credentials; your SpinetiX account credentials are not valid for the download area.

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