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The type and number of USB ports varies depending on the player model:

Power over USB

In line with the USB specification, the HMP will supply up to 500mA of current at 5V. If a device draws more than the allowed amount, the port will be shut down to protect the HMP.

Hard disks and other devices that use a double-USB connector for increased power cannot be used with the HMP (even with a hub) without external power.


  • Video input is not supported via the USB port - video streaming can only be done via Ethernet.
  • Multiple USB devices can be connected through USB hubs to the HMP at the same time, but only one USB storage device can be used as external storage.
  • The USB ports on the player cannot be disabled, however, unless the HMP is set to look to the USB storage for content, a malicious user could not interfere with the displayed content. For fail-safe security protection of the USB port consider using a physical lock (like these USB port blockers from Lindy).
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