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The HMP350 and HMP300 devices have two "Hi-speed" USB 2.0 ports, while the older models (HMP200, HMP130, and HMP100) have only one. The USB port can be used for any of the following:

Note Note:
Video input is not supported via the USB port - video streaming can only be done via Ethernet.

Connecting multiple USB devices

Multiple USB devices can be connected through USB hubs to the HMP in the same time. Note that the HMP can only use one USB storage device as external storage.

The HMP200, HMP130, and HMP100 are limited to three endpoints (a USB device might have a varying number of endpoints), nevertheless, the HMP can support a greater number of USB devices through software emulation - this is controlled by the "Support large number of USB devices" option from HMP Control Center > I/O Automation page > USB Settings tab.

  • When mixing full or low-speed devices with high-speed hubs this option should be disabled for compatibility.

Disabling the USB port

The USB port on the player cannot be disabled however, unless the HMP is set to look to the USB storage for content, a malicious user could not interfere with displayed content. For failsafe security protection of the USB port consider using a physical lock (like this USB port blocker).

Power over USB

In line with the USB specification, the HMP will supply up to 500mA of current at 5V. If a device draws more than allowed amount, the port will be shut down to protect the HMP.

Hard disks and other devices which use a double-USB connector for increased power cannot be used with the HMP (even with a hub) without external power.

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