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This article is a stub. Main article: Audio.

Audio output

All players are capable of outputting two-channel audio (i.e. stereo) as:

Note Notes:
  • The analog audio output is suitable to drive professional audio equipment (+4dBu proline level) with a margin of 4.66 dB or consumer equipment (-10 dBV consumer level).
  • Simultaneous audio via both HDMI (digital) and 3.5 jack (analog) is supported only on HMP200, HMP130, and HMP100 devices; nevertheless we do not recommend using both outputs in the same environment as there might be phase/sync issues depending on the screen or HDMI decoder.
  • Audio decoding and audio output require some CPU power, therefore enabling the audio on the player might have an influence on the overall rendering quality of the content.
  • HDCP content via the HDMI port is not supported; HDCP protected content will not be played.

Enable audio output

The audio output is disabled by default on the HMP, it can be enabled by activating the "Enable audio output" check-box option from Control Center:

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