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USB wireless presenter

Also known as clickers, presenters, PowerPoint remotes, presentation mice, presentation pointer, remote point, professional presenter, etc., these devices are commonly used to wirelessly switch slides during a slide show presentation. Some may have different capabilities, such as laser pointers. These devices have a mini USB receiver, which can usually be found inserted into the bottom end of the remote or inserted near the batteries, under a removable cap - the USB receiver will be inserted into a USB port of the HMP or on your computer.

There are different brands that offer such products, such as Amerteer, Beboncool, Canon, DinoFire, Genius, Gembird, Hama, Kensington, Logitech, SMK, Targus, etc.

Compatible devices

The HMP is compatible with any USB push-button that offers standard HID keyboard emulation.
USB devices requiring custom drivers are not supported, for security reasons.

Logitech R400

Logitech® Wireless Presenter R400

We have successfully tested the Logitech® Wireless Presenter R400, which sends the following key-press events:

  • Button 1 (left arrow) sends PageUp,
  • Button 2 (right arrow) sends PageDown,
  • Button 3 (play screen) sends alternatively F5 and ESC (U+001B),
  • Button 4 (empty screen) sends a dot (U+002E).

These key-press events can be picked up through the Key to Switch widget, which would display a default content and interactively load other content "pages" whenever a predefined key is received.

Note Note:
For more details on how to create an Elementi project with this widget, see the USB button tutorial.

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