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Cockpit is a cloud-based web portal developed by SpinetiX to lower the support and administration costs. Cockpit can be securely accessed from a browser from any device (PC, tablet, smartphone) and at any time, using Creating a Cockpit account is free and takes only few minutes.


The following services are available through Cockpit:

  • Player monitoring service
    This is useful for inventory, status overview and quick support and maintenance of registered DiVA and HMP devices. The premium monitoring allows to prevent potential issues (through automatic detection of major failures and potential risk scenarios) and to react in case of incidents (through automatic SMS and email notifications).
  • Elementi licenses management service
    This service offers the possibility to register, manually activate, and manage their Elementi licenses for free, and to request Update Plan extensions (premium service) for their Elementi licenses. See the benefits of registering your Elementi license(s) under your Cockpit account.
  • Channels management service
    This service offers the possibility to connect different cloud accounts (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, Google, OneDrive), referred to as channels, to your Cockpit account in order to allow your players to get real-time access to your personal data in a secured manner.

Player monitoring service

See the Monitoring players page for a detailed description of the available monitoring options.

  • Create an account.
    You will need a valid email address and to agree on the terms and conditions of Cockpit.
  • Add players to cockpit
    You will need to access the HMP Control Center, and follow the procedure described in Add and remove players from Cockpit.
  • Check map and players summary.
    The status of the player (OK, Warning, Failure or Off-line) will be shown.
  • Click on a player to get the details information
    The Dashboard page give you access to the player health boxes, the status and events timeline, and the snapshot.
  • Define the type of events to monitor for each player.
    You can also defined monitoring time and days.
  • Define when you should be notified
    You can defined to be notified by email or SMS for all type of events.

Player monitoring licenses

See the Player monitoring licenses page for a detailed description of the monitoring licenses.

Players can be monitored under 3 different types of monitoring licenses.

  • Trial monitoring license
    Free 30-day trial of the Premium monitoring license for each player.
  • Basic monitoring license
    Freemium access to standard monitoring tools, for unlimited time and unlimited number of players.
  • Premium monitoring license
    Unlimited access to advanced monitoring and notification tools with high monitoring precision.

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