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To benefit of the services offered by Cockpit web portal, you need to sign up for a Cockpit account first. Creating a Cockpit account is free and takes only few minutes. Different account types are available, as detailed below.

Note Note:
You need to sign up for a Cockpit account even if you already have an extranet account on website; the two sites are independent and have different purposes.

Sign up for a Cockpit account

To sign up for a Cockpit account, follow these steps:

  1. Open Cockpit web portal ( in your browser.
  2. Click the "SIGN UP" button to open the sign up form.
  3. Enter your account details: full name, address, country, email, and password.
    • For email, use only lowercase characters.
    • Email and password fields are required and must be entered twice to confirm them.
  4. Click the "SIGN UP" button.
  5. An email with a confirmation link is sent from Cockpit to the provided email address.
  6. Check your emails and find the one from Cockpit.
    • Sometimes that might end up in your Spam folder - make sure to mark it as not spam, to avoid that for further Cockpit emails.
  7. Click the link inside to open Cockpit's Terms and Conditions page.
  8. Read them (or scroll at the bottom) and click the "Accept Terms & Conditions" green button to confirm your Cockpit account.

Once done, you can log into your Cockpit account and use Cockpit services.

Account types

Dealer account

This is the default account type assigned to any new Cockpit user, and allows to:

Viewer account

Cockpit Viewers are slightly limited accounts, in the sense that any new player added is automatically transferred to the parent account. Also only the player dashboard (this requires an active monitoring license) is accessible to the viewer.

See Viewers page for more details.

Distributor account

This is a privileged account, reserved for SpinetiX distributors.

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