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This page is related to Cockpit.

Release 1.5

Release date: May 18, 2018.

  • Trial license keys are now generated on licenses page
  • Improved players events.
  • Made channels IDs persistant
  • Improve Geolocalisation on players.
  • Added time of event on players events and notification email
  • Add not monitored players on front page.
  • Notify user when the added player doesn't allow monitoring.
  • Various bugfixes and features improvement

Release 1.45

Release date: 8 January 2018.

Release 1.4

Release date: 23 March 2017.

  • Player monitoring service improvements:
    • New player's timeline.
    • Player's trial license period is now started by the user, not when the player is added to Cockpit.
    • Restore some information if a removed player is re-added by the same user.
  • Channels service improvements:
    • Added support for Facebook, Instagram, and Microsoft Online channels.
    • Added re-authenticate feature for channels.
  • Improved the notification system.
    • Added notification shortcut on the top bar.
    • The user is notified when an Update Plan Extension is about to expire and when it is expired.
    • Notification sent upon account creation and cancellation.
  • New tools for distributor accounts.
  • Server software updated. Optimized background tasks.
  • Fixed various bugs.

Release 1.35

Release date: 6 Jul 2016.

  • Simplified the front page.
  • Extended session duration to one month.
  • Allow the user to connect to a social channel with different accounts.
  • Improved overall performances.

Release 1.3

Release date: 2 Jun 2016.

  • New procedure to purchase Update Plan Extensions; includes also the users that are not paired to a distributor.
  • Added the social channel service, allowing to connect different social accounts (referred to as channels) to a Cockpit account.
    • This is required by some data-driven widgets included in Elementi 2016 and allows the registered players to get access to the social data of the user.
    • Added support for Google, Twitter, and Flickr channels.
  • Offline state of players changes to error when the player stays offline for 24 hours or more. If enabled, a notification is sent to the user as well.
  • The user is informed about the outdated licenses on listing page.
  • Improved notification system - new emails are sent when adding or removing a player, pairing to a distributor, and connecting or disconnecting a channel account.
  • Small UI improvements and bug fixes.

Release 1.2

Release date: 15 Feb 2016.

  • The updated of the player firmware can be triggered from Cockpit.
  • Freemium player monitoring is now called Basic.
  • Timezone automatically updated upon user login.
  • Dealer accounts can be paired with other user accounts (not bound to a distributor) to bond them as viewers - the viewer's players are transferred to the dealer account, nevertheless the viewer maintains access to those players.
  • When a viewer adds more players, they are automatically bound to the dealer account and shared with the viewer.
  • Snapshots are updated upon login.
  • Fixing some interface bugs.

Release 1.1

Release date: 15 Dec 2015.

  • Virtualisation system and database software upgraded for better performances and security.
  • Javascript rewrite and cleanup to increase user experience.
  • Improved validation of user input data.
  • Improved error messages during Elementi license key registration.

Release 1.0

Release date: 3 Sep 2015.

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