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The built-in responsive player web interface offers access to the full management of the player from a standard web browser. It comes with the following tools:

Connect to the web interface

See also the "Get started with the player" tutorial for more details about connecting the device on your network.

SpinetiX players 4th generation.jpg
Enter http(s)://HMP_address/ in a browser address bar to access the player web interface.
SpinetiX players HMP350 300.jpg
Enter http(s)://HMP_address/ in a browser address bar to access the player web interface.
DiVA thumb.jpg
Enter http(s)://DiVA_address/ in a browser address bar to access the player web interface.
Note Note:
For HMP devices, you could also open Elementi (2015 or later), click on "Devices" tab, right-click on the player, and select the "HMP Control Center" option.

Login screen

Login screen

In order to get access to the player web interface, you need to log in with your username and password. Once logged in, you will automatically be directed to the Control Center home page (in case of having admin rights), or otherwise to the default home page.

Note Notes:
  • The login is not required when the Configuration Wizard is automatically triggered (because the player has not been configured) or when you access the interface without a prior sign out.
  • The default user created on the player is "admin". This cannot be changed, nor removed.
  • The password for the "admin" user is set by default to "admin" as well - it is strongly recommend changing the default password for obvious security reasons. This can be done at the last step of the configuration wizard or at any time from the user manager tool.

Top bar menu

The top bar menu is present on all the pages of the player web interface and provides the following quick links:

Home page

Applies to DiVA, HMP300, and HMP350 models.

Home page

The home page of the player web interface is composed of three big, clickable areas:

  • Create
    This link will open the Create page, from which you can upload new media and create Playlists and Playouts.
  • Schedule
    This link will open the Schedule page, from which you can decide which content item should be displayed on the screen and when.
  • Player snapshot
    The snapshot allows the user to check what is currently displayed by the player.
Note Note:
It is always possible to return to the home page by clicking on the player name on the left side of the top bar menu.

Custom HTML interface

Added in firmware 4.2.0. Applies to HMP300, HMP350, and HMP400.

You can add a custom HTML interface on the HMP300 and HMP350 players by including a simple index.html page or an "interface" folder (containing an index.html, plus some other files, like CSS, scripts, etc.) within your project and publish it onto the player.

  • The file interface/index.html takes precedence over index.html.
  • The "title" element of this index.html page will be added as an entry onto the top bar menu interface.
  • The interface page should not contain absolute links to other files within the project, only relative links are guaranteed to work reliably.

This custom HTML interface can be used, for instance, to control the content displayed by the player - for that use an "Action to Switch" interactive widget inside the project and update the Shared Variable controlling it through Web Storage REST API calls from the custom HTML interface.


  • In case of using IE browser to access the player web interface, make sure that compatibility mode is disabled.
  • Internal Server Error - The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.
    If this error is received when trying to connect to the player web interface, then either the firmware got corrupted or the player is incorrectly configured - the solution is to install the latest firmware package from Recovery mode.
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