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DSOS™ by SpinetiX™ is a lightweight, secured operating system designed for digital signage players, especially for demands of defense, financial, cruise vessel and other high-availability scenarios. Native to the HMP400, DSOS also brings embedded system design to the entire Intel ecosystem, ideal for fanless architectures like Intel Goldmont, but scalable to i5, i7 or i9 when maximum performance matters.

Regarding the content management, the default DSOS configuration includes access to the SpinetiX ARYA cloud CMS, available to use by anyone, with a zero-cost option that includes first-line support.

Using a tightly integrated remote update service, security patches and rendering engine improvements are delivered together, avoiding unexpected content failures commonly experienced with desktop operating systems. The latest version of DSOS is "Matterhorn" 4.5.1, released on May 20th, 2020.

Supported hardware platforms

The DSOS™ has been validated on the following hardware devices:

Security at the core

Remote monitoring and management of endpoints is built-in to the DSOS stack, working alongside Intel vPro® to support single-truck-roll deployments, commissioning, maintenance and decommissioning. Device security is further enhanced with UEFI Secure Boot support. Cloud communications are secured using the TPM or Intel TPP. User content is secured against device theft, with DSOS disk partitions cryptographically signed.

DSOS is maintained by a dedicated engineering team at SpinetiX with more than a decade of experience in designing firmware for hardened, secure digital signage players.

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