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Applies to: HMP (all models), DiVA.


Wi-Fi is technology for radio wireless local area networking of devices. To connect to a Wi-Fi LAN, a device has to be equipped with a wireless network interface controller (WNIC), which uses an antenna to communicate via microwave radiation.

HMP and DiVA players don't include such a WNIC, so a third-party wireless adapter must be used to allow the player to connect to a WLAN. The solution is to use Wifi Ethernet adapters or WiFi Access Points as a bridge between the WLAN and the wired Ethernet connection toward the SpinetiX player. For fixed installations with a large number of units, you may also want to consider power-line networking, especially if there is excessive wireless traffic in the area already.

Note Note:
WiFi adapters often come as USB sticks to be plugged into a USB port of a computer or device - these are not supported because they require proprietary drivers to be installed on the host and this is completely disabled on SpinetiX players for security reasons.
Note Warning:
Anyone within range with a wireless network interface controller can attempt to access a network; because of this, Wi-Fi is more vulnerable to attack (called eavesdropping) than wired networks.

Wireless adapters

WiFi Ethernet adapters or Access Points can be used as a bridge between the WLAN and the wired Ethernet connection toward the SpinetiX player. They are also referred to as "Wireless media adapters" and are commonly used to connect games consoles, Blu-ray players and similar devices to wireless networks.

WiFi Access Points are usually connected to a wired network and allow different wireless clients to get access to that LAN. Many of them can be placed into "bridge mode", where they wirelessly connect to another AP and one or multiple clients can use the wired connection for access to that network. Check your access point's manual to see if it can be placed into Bridge Mode.

The following list is not exhaustive and you are invited to share your experiences with devices you have successfully tested, so the list remains up-to-date. Special thanks to all our partners reporting compatible devices!

Device Added on Tested by Notes
Acksys WLg-LINK 2013-03-14 Madison Technologies (AU) Discontinued product, replaced by AirLink
D-Link DAP series 2013-11-19
Edimax BR-6428nS V4 2018-11-01 Urbanit (CH)
NETGEAR N300 WNCE2001 2012-04-18 It can be powered via USB.
TP-Link TL-WR802N, TL-WR702N 2018-11-01 Urbanit (CH) It can be powered via USB.
TrendNet N300 TEW-647GA 2011-07-28
Ubiquity NanoStation M 2013-11-21 Sanel (BE)

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