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This category groups the pages related to the different software applications developed by SpinetiX:

  • Firmware/DSOS - the player embedded firmware governs how the SpinetiX device is functioning and provides low-level control, monitoring and data manipulation.
  • Control Center is the internal web-based interface / control panel of the HMP and DiVA devices.
  • Elementi is a commercial software application from SpinetiX which simplifies the creation of digital signage projects and the deployment of these projects on Hyper Media Players, allowing you to achieve professional results quicker than ever.
  • SpinetiX ARYA is a cloud-based visual communication solution, easy to use and accessible from anywhere from a browser from any device (PC, tablet, smartphone) and at any time.
  • Cockpit is a cloud based web portal developed by SpinetiX to lower the support and administration costs for dealers.
  • Legacy software:
    • Fusion is a content management system (CMS), directly pre-installed on legacy players: HMP200, HMP130, and HMP100 devices. It can be enabled without any additional license / cost being required. By using the Fusion web-based interface, you can manage the content on the player, without requiring any additional software installation. This product has been discontinued since January 2020.
    • Hyper Media Director ("HMD") was a commercial software application from SpinetiX. The product has been discontinued since Jan 1st, 2014. It has been replaced by Elementi.

See also the Software / firmware compatibility table.


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