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Discontinued product since January 2020.
SpinetiX no longer offers technical support for this software.

Applies to legacy players: HMP200, HMP130, and HMP100.


Fusion is a built-in content management application accessible from a standard web browser - it is pre-installed on every HMP200, HMP130, and HMP100 device, and does not require any additional license, cost, or software installation.

The Fusion mode can be enabled (and disabled) from HMP Control Center. Once activated, you can access the Fusion interface directly by using: http://HMP_address/fusion/ .

Version 7.2
Revision Nov 2011



  • Fusion is designed for standalone or small deployments. Therefore, certain advanced features are not supported, including:
  • Some files are not supported and therefore cannot be imported into Fusion - see Upload content into Fusion for more details.

Fusion interface

  • The Fusion interface is currently translated into 20 languages; the browser predefined language or English is chosen by default, but once logged in, you can change the language from the Settings page.
  • Except for the home page, all the other pages require to be logged in and to have the proper user role in order to access them.
  • To disable Fusion, use the link from the "Edit Configuration" box present on the main page before being logged in.

Home page

Fusion interface - before login
Fusion interface - after login

Before being logged in, the home page is displaying the following:

  • a top menu having only the SpinetiX logo (you can always return to the main page by clicking on it);
  • a Fusion introduction image in the middle;
  • a Login box and an "Edit Configuration" box (which can open either the HMP Wizard or the HMP Control Center) at the bottom;
  • a footer bar having the Fusion version (which corresponds to the firmware version).

After logging in:

  • The top menu gets populated with the following items: Programs, Slides, Playlists, Media and Settings.
  • The static image in the middle is replaced by a preview of what is currently displayed on the HMP.
  • At the bottom, some hint boxes are displayed depending on the context. Usually, they are as following:
    • the first box gives direct access to the Active Program,
    • the second box gives access to the last action you have performed,
    • the third box suggests the next logical step in using Fusion,
    • the last box, if enabled, displays tips and news from the SpinetiX web site.

Browser support

These browsers have been tested as compatible with Fusion:

  • Firefox 3 and later;
  • Chrome 10 and later;
  • Opera 10 and later;
  • Safari 5 and later;
    • When using an iPad or iPhone, the Add media file button is not available. Safari on iOS does not support file uploading, that is, <input type="file"> elements. If your webpage includes an input-file control, Safari on iOS disables it. See http://developer.apple.com for more details.
  • Internet Explorer 8 and 9;
  • IE 7 limited support:
    • Uploading media gives an error "undefined", but otherwise works as expected;
    • Drag and drop in programs or playlists does not show the highlighted anchor to 'drop' in, but the function otherwise works as expected;
    • Schedule layout is rendered slightly incorrectly;
    • Advanced slides do not show tabs properly;
    • Advanced slide pages can be added from within a slide only;
  • IE 6 is not supported;

Video tutorials

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