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This page is about the HMP Control Center interface present on the HMP350 and HMP300 devices.
For other models see DiVA Control Center and HMP Control Center 3.x pages.


HMP Control Center is a responsive web-based user interface, used to interact directly with the device, both for making configuration changes and for requesting information from the device. It is running directly on the device's internal HTTP server on port 80 and can be accessed from any regular browser.

To access the Control Center interface, you first have to connect to the player web interface - once done, click on the gear icon from the top bar menu to access Control Center.


HMP350 Control Center - menu

The left side menu is present on all the pages within Control Center and contains the following items:

  • Control Center
    This item opens Control Center home page.
  • System
    This item groups different links to the System page, which allows generating / restoring configuration backups and configuring settings such as: device name, player date & time, shutdown temperature, passwords to access protected data, and Cockpit monitoring.
  • Display & Audio
    This item groups different links to the "Display & Audio" page, which allows configuring display and audio related settings.
  • Network
    This item groups different links to the Network page, which allows configuring settings such as: IP configuration, Proxy, SNMP, HTTPS certificates etc.
  • Content
    This item groups different links to the Content page, which allows configuring scheduled downloads, live sources, and splash screen images (used during player boot and shutdown).
  • Peripherals
    This item groups different links to the Peripherals page, which allows configuring serial and USB port settings.
  • Advanced Applications
    This item groups different links to the Advanced Applications page, which allows configuring settings related to: interactivity and touchscreens, Network API, Multiscreen (HMP350 only), NTP, streaming, firmware update server address, RPC concentrator, and Pull Mode.
  • Operations
    This item groups different links to the Operations page, which allows performing maintenance operations, such as: firmware update, player restart / shutdown, recovery mode, restore default content or factory default settings, format storage, clearing player data, generating a report etc.
  • Logs
    This item groups different links to the Logs page, which allows retrieving the player log files, locally or on a server.
  • About
    This item opens the About page, which contains the player copyright and license information.

Home page

HMP350 Control Center - Home page

The Control Center home page displays general information about the device: player status summary, current settings, and the content snapshot, plus some quick links to maintenance tasks. A left side menu provides links to all the other pages in Control Center.

Player status

This section contains the player logo, its date/time information, plus six information boxes (clicking on any of them, brings out more information and / or links to configuration pages), as following:

  • Up time
    Current running time of the player.
  • CPU Load
    Current CPU usage of the player; clicking on the box gives extended info about CPU distribution and frame drops.
  • Storage
    Current use of the player internal storage.
  • Display
    Current display status.
  • Network
    Status of the network connection. An exclamation mark may be shown in case of network issues. Clicking on the box gives extra network information such as IP addresses, hostname address, and MAC address.
  • Firmware
    Current player firmware. An exclamation mark may be shown in case the firmware needs to be updated. Clicking on the box gives extra information about the firmware update.

Current Settings

This section gives a brief summary of the important settings of the player. It is possible change those settings at any time using the Configuration Wizard button.

Note Note:
The Configuration Wizard is automatically started the first time Control Center is accessed; during the initial setup, an additional step is required to configure the admin password of the device.

Quick Links

This section allows the user to do the following maintenance operations:

  • Restore Config
    Restore a configuration backup. This can be used to copy configuration from another player or to restore a previous configuration is cases where a factory reset was performed on the unit for instance. To generate a configuration backup, go the the System pages.
  • Monitor with Cockpit
    This is displayed if the device is not monitored by Cockpit and provides a quick link to System > Cockpit page that allows adding the device in Cockpit.
  • Monitor in Cockpit
    This is displayed if the device is monitored by Cockpit and provide a quick link to the player monitoring page of Cockpit for that device.
  • Generate Report
    Generate a report from device. This is required whenever the device is not functioning properly and support is needed.
  • Restart Now
    Restart the device in case of configuration changes, or any other maintenance operation.


This section shows the snapshot of what is currently displayed by the player. The "Refresh" button can be used to refresh the snapshot at any time.

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