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Applies to: HMP400, HMP400W, HMP300, HMP350, DiVA, and third-party players running DSOS™.

This page is related to the Control Center interface.


Configuration Wizard is designed to guide the user through the initial steps of configuring the player. It starts automatically, for any player that has not been configured, has been reset to factory default settings or its firmware has been reinstalled from the Recovery Console, once the player address is entered within a browser. This is the only case where no password is required to access the player.

The configuration wizard can also be started manually from the home page of Control Center.


The wizard is composed of the 5 steps described below.


Added in firmware 4.1.0, this first step prompts you to accept the terms in the End-User License Agreement before using the device.


Configure the player name

This step allows you to configure the name of the player.

  • The name, which by default is set to the player serial number, can only contain ASCII charters, underscore and the hyphen. Spaces are not allowed in the name.

Once configured, this name appears on the login page of the interface and on the left side of the top menu bar. It is also displayed within Elementi Devices and advertised on the network through device discovery services.


Configure the display

This step allows you to configure the display settings, screen orientation (horizontal or vertical), and video output selector (if it's the case).

The following modes are proposed in the wizard:

  • For European, African and most Asian countries
    • Full HD: 1080p 50Hz
    • HD ready: 720p 50Hz
  • For U.S., Canada, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and few other countries
    • Full HD: 1080p 60Hz
    • HD ready: 720p 60Hz

Time Zone

Configure the timezone

The time zone step allows you to configure your time zone.

The time zone are sorted by continents, but you can use the search box to find the name of the city matching your time zone.

Admin password

Configure the admin password

The last step of the configuration wizard allows you to configure the password of the 'admin' user of the player. The 'admin' user is the default user and is mandatory.

It is recommended to change the default password (set to 'admin') for obvious security reasons.

It is possible to create additional users with reduced rights once the device has been set up.

Note Note:
The last step of the configuration wizard is not shown if the configuration wizard started manually.



Once the configuration wizard has been completed, the player automatically reboots and the login screen is shown.

  • The default username is 'admin'
  • The password to use for the login is the one set in the last step of the configuration wizard.
    If for any reason no password has been set, the default password is 'admin'

Once logged, you will automatically be directed either to the Control Center home page or the player web interface home page, depending on your user rights.

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