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This page is related to the HMP Wizard interface present on HMP200, HMP130, and HMP100. For HMP350 and HMP300, see Configuration Wizard page.


The HMP Wizard is designed to guide the user through the initial steps of configuring the HMP200, HMP130, and HMP100 devices.

It is available starting with the 3.0 firmware and starts automatically for any HMP device that has not been configured, has been reset to factory default settings or its firmware has been reinstalled from the Recovery Console.

Once the HMP address is entered within a browser, as suggested in Get Connected or On-screen wizard, the HMP configuration wizard is loaded. This wizard is available only in English and its purpose is to guide you through a basic configuration of the HMP.


The HMP configuration wizard contains the following steps:

  1. Device Status
    Device Status
    The HMP first checks the Internet access and, if successful, then checks the firmware version (the address used by default is the one of the SpinetiX server). If the firmware is not up to date, you can press the "Update Now" button.
    Press "Next" to advance to the next page.
  2. Operation Mode
    Operation Mode
    Select the HMP operation mode between:
    Press "Next" to advance to the next page.
  3. Time Zone
    Time Zone
    Select a location that is in the same time zone as the HMP.
    Press "Next" to advance to the next page.
  4. Display
    Select the type of display connected to the HMP and the orientation of the screen.
    Press "Next" to advance to the next page.
  5. Device ID (available only for "Elementi" operation mode)
    Device ID
    Set the identification elements for the player:
    • Device name
      Enter the device name used within Elementi Devices listing; the name, which by default is set to the player serial number, can only contain ASCII letters, digits and hyphens.
    • Multiscreen ID.
      Enter the device multiscreen ID. This is useful when the HMP is part of a video wall displaying a multiscreen project.
    Press "Next" to advance to the next page.
  6. Security
    Enter the administrative password to protect the HMP. The username is "admin" and it cannot be changed.
  7. Press "Finish" to complete the wizard. The HMP will reboot to apply the configuration changes.
Note Note:
This wizard can also be started manually from the "Status" page in HMP Control Center.



After the HMP reboots, depending on the operation mode selected at step #2, the following is displayed:

Operating mode selected Fusion Elementi Advanced > HMP Control Center
What is displayed in browser Fusion interface HMP Wizard - Configuration page HMP Control Center interface
Result on the screen Demo Fusion Program SpinetiX logo (animated) SpinetiX logo (animated)
Note Note:
Configuration page is a basic summary of the HMP configuration is displayed. Pressing the "Modify" button restarts the wizard.
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