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On-screen wizard - step #2
On-screen wizard - step #3

The on-screen wizard is displayed on the connected screen as soon as the HMP boots up and for as long as the HMP hasn't been configured. Its purpose is to help you to find the address of the HMP and to connect to the HMP via a browser. The texts displayed on the screen are available in English and several other languages.

  1. The HMP checks for the presence of the network connection and, if not found, it displays "Plug the network cable" on the screen.
  2. Once a network cable is connected, the HMP displays "Press the blue button once".
  3. Once the blue button is pressed, the HMP displays "Type this address in your browser" and its IPv4 address right below that.
    • IPv6 & hostname addresses and a QR code are displayed as well on this page.
  4. At this point, you need to enter the HMP address into a browser.

Note Note: After 60 seconds, the on-screen wizard is restarted.

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