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The procedure below resets the configuration settings of the player! For a full reset, including the firmware, see how to revert to factory default firmware.

How to

There are two ways to reinitialize the player to its factory default settings:

  • From Control Center:
  • Using the blue button of the player - for this follow these steps:
    1. Unplug the power supply cable.
    2. Press and hold the blue button.
    3. Plug in the power cable.
    4. Release the blue button as soon as the (SYS) LED starts blinking rapidly green (that is after 10 seconds, except for the HMP200 model which requires 15 seconds).

Note Note:
Restoring the factory default settings activates the Configuration Wizard on DiVA, HMP350, and HMP300 devices, respectively the HMP Wizard on older models.

Settings affected

The following settings are restored by this procedure:

Note Notes:
  • The content present on the device is removed, along with the cache content, temporary files, user logs, custom fonts, and user passwords.
  • The player default content is restored on the player.
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