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The table below shows for each software product which is the minimum firmware version required on the HMP device in order to avoid compatibility issues. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended to always have the latest firmware version on the HMP device to take advantage of the latest features and security patches!

Software Minimum firmware version for hardware model Notes
Name Latest version HMP350, HMP300 HMP200, HMP130, HMP100
Elementi Elementi 2017 4.2.0 3.4.0 for Elementi 2017
4.1.0 3.3.0 for Elementi 2016
4.0.0 3.2.0 for Elementi 2015
N/A 3.1.0 for Elementi 3.x
Cockpit 1.45 4.0.0 3.1.0 For social channels compatibility, firmware 4.1.0 (respectively firmware 3.3.0) or later is required.
Fusion 3.4.2 N/A 3.4.0 Not present on the HMP350 and HMP300 models.
Hyper Media Director 2.2.7 N/A 2.2.7 Replaced by Elementi.

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