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Elementi 2016

Version: "Grandes Jorasses"
Release date: December 16, 2016

Elementi 2016 ("Grandes Jorasses") is the fourth generation of the Elementi software, introducing the following new features:

  • New Twitter and Flickr widgets to connect to social networks.
  • New Finance widgets to display financial data such as exchange rate, market data.
  • New Weather widgets to display weather conditions and forecast.
  • New Date widgets to display the current date in different calendars (Gregorian, Chinese, Hebrew, Indian, Islamic, Japanese etc.).
  • Re-design of data-driven widgets with support for authenticated channels, 3rd party services (such as Yahoo, Google, Twitter, and Flickr), and data import from Excel.
  • New Noto fonts included within the built-in fonts in order to support all languages with a harmonious look and feel..
  • New set of sample projects.
  • Improved internationalization features for date/time and numbers formatting.
  • Support for video with transparency.


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