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This page is about the weather widgets included in Elementi 2016.
For other Elementi versions, see Weather widgets for Elementi 2015 and Weather widgets for Elementi 3.x pages.


The Weather widgets can be used to display weather information coming from different weather channels (Open Weather Map, Yahoo! Weather, Weather Undeground or World Weather Online).

Note Note: The current version of these widgets is not compatible with multiscreen content.

Note Note: See more about Data feeds in general.

Video tutorial

Weather widgets

Weather feed widgets

Under the "Weather" folder included in the Elementi 2016 widget library, you can find three ready-to-use widgets that display data retrieved from the selected weather forecast provider:

  • Current Weather
    Displays the current weather conditions using text & icon layers, which are automatically replaced by data retrieved from Weather provider.
  • Horizontal Forecast and Vertical Forecast
    Displays 1 to 15 days of weather forecast (depending on the provider) using text & icon layers, which are automatically replaced by data retrieved from Weather provider.



Current Weather properties
Forecast Weather properties

The following properties, found under "Properties" tab, can be used to customize the widget:

  • Data
    Click on the Data Feed Properties button (it opens the Data Properties dialog for Weather data). This let the user select the location (city name, country, ...) for which the weather should be displayed.
  • Locale
    Select the locale used for displaying dates and numbers.
  • Delay per column/Delay per row (forecast only)
    Enter the number of seconds to wait before displaying the next cell of the table.
  • Header (forecast only)
    Customizable header text using data placeholders (e.g., [[location]])

Note Note: To modify general properties of the widget, click on the Document Properties icon from the toolbar to open the "Document Properties" dialog.

Data Properties Dialog

Data Properties

To edit the properties related to the data source, click on the Data Feed Properties button. This opens the "Data Properties" dialog, which allows changing the following:

  • Channel
    Select one of the available weather provider.
    • OpenWeatherMap: Free API. API Key is recommended, but not mandatory.
    • Yahoo! Weather: No API Key. Free of charge for use by individuals and non-profit organizations for personal, non-commercial uses. Free API has only 5 days forecast.
    • Weather Underground: Free API Key for developers. API Key is mandatory.
    • World Weather Online: Premium API Key. API Key is mandatory. Free 30 days API key trial.
  • Refresh
    Specify the period after which the widget should refresh the spreadsheet data (this is useful especially when the widget is running in a loop); either select one of the provided options ("When document opens", 5m, 10m, ... , 24h) or enter a number, optionally followed by s (implicit), m or h; the minimum accepted value is 60 seconds. Using "When document opens" will refresh the data only when the document is re-opened.
  • API Key
    Some providers requires you to register on their web site to create an API Key to use their services. Once registered, enter your API Key here to display the weather data.
  • Location
    Select the location (city name, country) for which the weather should be displayed - for that click on the "Change" button, enter the city name or part of it, and then click on "Search" button.
  • Days (forecast only)
    Select the number of days of forecast to be shown. Note that some provider do not provide more than 5 days of forecast.
  • Units
    Select between Metric or Us Customary unit to display temperature and other measurements.

Note Note: At any point, the data source configuration can be tested by clicking on the "Test..." button.


The Current Weather widget displays the data retrieved from the weather data source using a template, whose layout can be edited by the user. The layout is composed of text & media layers, that should contain one or more data placeholders (e.g., [[location]], [[temp]] etc.), which are automatically filled out with data retrieved from the weather data source when the widget is running. The layout is controlled by the user from the Preview panel (mostly for design changes) and / or from the "Layers" tab in Edit panel (gives access to all the layer properties).

Editing the weather layout

To edit the layout within the Preview panel, follow these steps:

  1. Click once within the Preview panel to enter into "Edit mode". The widget is paused and the actual data are replaced by the fallback values (if any were defined) or the layer predefined content.
  2. Click on a layer to select it. The layer predefined content is displayed - usually that contains only the data placeholder.
  3. It is now possible to add, remove, modify the position / size of the selected layer. If it's a text layer, it can also be edited.
  4. Click on the play button to resume the playback and display the actual content of the data feed.

To edit the slide layout within the Edit panel, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the "Layers" tab to list all the layers composing the slide.
  2. Click on the Elementi Icons Layer Properties.png button (it opens the "Layer Properties" dialog) and edit that layer properties. Click on the "OK" button to apply the changes.
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