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This page is related to Elementi GUI.


Browse panel

The Browse panel includes the following functions:

  • resources management (viewing, renaming, deleting files and projects, importing files etc.),
  • devices management and
  • project publishing.

It is positioned in the lower part of the Elementi GUI, either on the left or the right side, depending on the orientation setting (Menu > View > Orientation) being set to horizontal or vertical.


The Browse panel is composed of the following tabs:

  • Projects
    For managing unlimited number of hypermedia projects. Elementi X users can also manage Fusion Style Packs.
  • Widgets / Library
    For managing the different resources shipped with Elementi (built-in widgets, backgrounds and clip-arts images etc.).
  • Assets (not available within Elementi S)
    Additional file repository to store user's resources (e.g., images, videos, customized Widgets, projects etc.). The assets folder can be set as a network share and used by multiple users as a common library.
  • Devices
    For the management and monitoring of the HMP devices (discovered automatically or added manually) that are present within the same local network (i.e. LAN) as the PC running Elementi. Elementi S is limited to 10 HMP devices, while there's no limitation for Elementi M and Elementi X.
  • 'current project'
    For accessing the content of the currently opened project, HMP device or Fusion Style Pack (Elementi X only). The tab changes its name according to the resource opened within.

Listing views

There are two listing views to choose from: "Icon View" and "List View". The setting are saved per tab and you can switch between then using the right-click menu.

  • Icon View
    This is the default view - it is using large icons with names underneath them.
  • List View
    This is a traditional list view and can be used to see more information about the listed resources. Also it can be used for setting different sorting orders.

See also Devices listing views section.

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