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This page is about the widgets included into Elementi 2016.
For other versions, see Elementi 2017 Widgets, Elementi 2015 Library and Elementi 3.x Library pages.


Elementi 2016 comes with more than 400 free resources to be used inside your projects: 200+ widgets and 195 country flag images. Each widget offers different parameters / properties that the user can change from the interface, thus allowing for further customization of the widget functionality without having to modify the code behind.

These resources are accessible using the "Widgets" tab within Browse panel and are divided into several collections, as detailed below; they can be opened for viewing directly from the "Widgets" tab, but they cannot be modified (see how to create new widgets instead).

To use any resource from the widget library, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new project or open an existing one. The content of the project is shown in the Preview panel.
  2. Click on the "Widgets" tab within the Browse panel.
  3. Navigate inside the collection holding the widget you want to use.
  4. Drag and drop the widget into the Preview panel or into the Edit panel. The widget is automatically copied into the active project.
  5. Double-click on the widget icon within the Edit panel to access and configure its properties (if any).


The following collections of widgets are included into Elementi 2016 widget library:

Elementi 2016 S Widgets
Collection name Notes
Backgrounds Contains background widgets.
Cliparts Contains clipart widgets: 8 arrows, 195 country flags, and 12 horoscope signs.
Clocks Contains analog and digital clock widgets.
Dates Contains date widgets displaying the current date in different calendars.
Counters Contains counter widgets that can be used to create different counters.
Sun & Moon Contains widgets that display content related to sun & moon phases.
Text Effects Contains text effect widgets that can be used to improve the aspect of the text content.
Text Crawlers Contains widgets that display inline text content using different crawling effects.
Twitter Contains widgets that display data provided by Twitter.
Flickr Contains widgets that display images provided by Flickr.
RSS Contains widgets that display data extracted from RSS feeds.
Text Contains widgets that display data extracted from text files.
Spreadsheets Contains widgets that display data extracted from spreadsheet files.
Calendars Contains widgets that display data extracted from calendar files.
Media Contains widgets that display media files retrieved from media folders.
Charts Contains widgets that represent data from CSV spreadsheet data sources as charts (column, line, pie etc.).
Gauges Contains gauge widgets that represent data from CSV spreadsheet data sources as circular / linear gauges.
Finance Contains widgets that display financial data, like exchange rate and market data.
Weather Contains widgets that display weather information.
Data Feeds This collection is available only for Elementi X users and contains data feed widgets that display data extracted from different types of data sources.
Screen Control Contains widgets for screen control.
Interactivity Contains interactive widgets that have been designed to ease building interactive projects.
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