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This page is related to Elementi widget library.


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The cliparts are SVG-based images that can be added within the content - they can found under the "Cliparts" folder of Elementi widget library. All these clip art images are open source and can be used for free in your content. Some of them offer the option to change the color used.

A large set of additional open source clip arts can be found on openclipart site.


Clipart widgets

Staring with Elementi 2015, the clip art widgets are stored under three collections:

  • Arrows
    Contains 8 widgets, each displaying an arrow pointing in a different direction; the color can be modified.
  • Flags
    Contains 195 SVG images, each displaying a country flag.
  • Horoscopes
    Contains 12 widgets, each displaying a zodiacal sign; the color can be modified.

In Elementi 3.x the clip art images were organized in the following collections: Arrows, Astrology, Coffee, Devices, Emblems, Emotes, Food, Map Symbols, Passenger Information, Road signs, Safety, Sports, and Weather. Contact us if you need any of those images.

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