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The date widgets have been introduced in Elementi 2016.

They can be used to display the current date in different calendars beyond the Gregorian calendar, like Buddhist, Chinese, Hebrew, Indian, Islamic, Japanese, Minguo, and Persian. The time zone, locale, and date format can be modified by the user.

To use any of these widgets, open "Widgets" > "Date" within Browse panel and drag & drop the widget into your project, as shown below.

Video tutorial

See the full-screen video on Vimeo.


Dates widgets

Starting with Elementi 2016, you can find under the "Dates" folder of widget library, eleven ready-to-use widgets that automatically display the current date in various calendars, using the time zone, locale, and date format specified by the user.


  • Time Zone
    Select the time zone. Default: Local time (i.e. the time zone set on the HMP / system running Elementi).
  • Locale
    Select the locale to be used for the date and numbers.
  • Format
    Click on the "Edit Text" button (it opens the "Edit Text" dialog) and edit the text template used to display the date / time - you can change the font family, style and color of the text. The default date/time format can be changed as well.
  • Day offset (available only for Islamic date widgets)
    Select a positive or negative day offset to have the desired date.
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