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What is a widget?

A widget is a digital signage component designed to perform a specific functionality - can be as simple as displaying a clock or a date, or advanced as displaying live data that auto-updates, interactive content, and even sending serial commands to the screen. From displaying RSS feeds, weather forecast or event timetables sourced via Excel or Google Sheets, to fully engaging your customers with live financial, Twitter, and Instagram feeds – it’s your call.

These small "applications" can be easily integrated into your Elementi projects and are designed to work together with our HMPs . They are easily customizable through different parameters / properties that the user can change from Elementi interface, without having to know how to modify the code behind. A widget is typically made of a single SVG file, just as master layout.

Elementi built-in widgets

Widget library

Elementi software comes with a lot of free resources to be used inside your projects; these resources are accessible under the "Widgets"/"Library" tab within the Browse panel. The content inside varies depending on the Elementi version in use – for more details, see the following dedicated pages:

Use a built-in widget

Elementi widgets

To use a built-in widget into your Elementi project, follow these steps:

  1. Create a project or open an existing one.
  2. Click the "Widgets" / "Library" tab in the Browse panel.
  3. Find the folder containing the widget you want and double-click on it to open it.
  4. Pick a widget from within.
  5. Drag & drop that widget from the Browse panel into the Preview panel or Edit panel. The widget is automatically copied within your opened project.
  6. Configure the widget, if necessary.
Note Notes:
  • Double-clicking onto a widget from the "Widgets" tab opens that widget in read-only mode, as Elementi's original widgets cannot be modified.
  • To reuse an already configured widget, save it under the Assets workspace (Elementi M / X only) or into a project of your choice.

New widget in Elementi 2021

New widgets in Elementi 2018

New widgets in Elementi 2017

New widgets in Elementi 2016

New widgets in Elementi 2015

More widgets

Some widgets were not included into Elementi, for various reasons, and they are available as a separate download from our Wiki. To use such a widget, download it on your PC and simply drag & drop the widget's 7z file from Windows Explorer inside your project.

Here are some widgets that can be downloaded from our Wiki:

Create new widgets

New widgets can be created either from regular SVG files or by customizing existing widgets. For more details, see:

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