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This page is related to Elementi GUI. It applies to Elementi M and Elementi X.


Assets tab in Browse panel

Assets is a (secondary) file repository to store user images, videos, widgets etc., which can be used later within different projects. For instance, a practical example of usage is the following: you save a copy of an RSS widget, configured to display a certain RSS feed with a certain layout, in the "Assets" view, then use that widget in your future projects without the need to redo the configuration steps all over again.

To access "Assets", click on the "Assets" tab of the Browse panel of Elementi M and Elementi X. See below how to open the actual folder location in Explorer.

To add a new asset file, simply copy-paste it from "Projects" tab, "Widgets" tab or currently opened project in Browse panel. You can also drag & drop files from Windows Explorer. Assets can be grouped into collections - to create a new collection, right-click inside the "Assets" view, select "New Collection..." and enter the desired name. There are two listing views to choose from: "Icon View" (large icons with names underneath them) and "List View" (traditional list view with more information).

To use an asset file, simply drag & drop it from the "Assets" tab (within the Browse panel) inside your layout, playlist etc. within the Edit panel or Preview panel.

Assets location

During Elementi installation an "Assets" folder is created within "My Documents\SpinetiX" and by default, Elementi will look inside this location for projects. This folder can be easily opened by right-clicking within the Browse panel and selecting "Open folder in explorer" option.

  • This folder can also be opened by running the following command: shell:Personal\SpinetiX\Assets.

If needed, the assets location can be changed to another location using "Menu > Settings > Projects/Assets location..." option.

Multiple users

This repository can also be set as a Windows shared folder to enable sharing individual files and / or folders between multiple users. This way, common resources like company logos, promotional videos, customized widgets can be reused by different users in their projects.

To set the assets location to a shared folder follow these steps:

  1. Click on Menu > Settings and select "Projects/Assets location..." option.
  2. Click on the field labeled "Assets".
  3. Select "Other" if the location is not present in the drop-down box.
  4. Under "Location", paste the path to the Windows shared folder.
  5. Click the "OK" button twice.
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