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This article is a stub. Main article: Network access on HMP.

The player web interface can be accessed from a web browser using http://HMP_address/ where HMP_address can be any of the following: the hostname address, the IPv4 address, the IPv6 address.

Note Notes:
  • Briefly press and release the HMP blue button to trigger On Screen Display (OSD) which displays these addresses.
  • The HMP350 and HMP300 devices can also be accessed via the HTTPS protocol.

Hostname address

  • {Serial_Number} represents the serial number of the HMP, for example http://spx-hmp-001d502000b2.local/
  • The hostname address of the HMP cannot be changed.
  • Bonjour has to be installed on your computer to use this address. Note that installing Elementi / HMD will automatically install Bonjour as well. On Mac OS X, Bonjour™ is already installed as part of the operating system.
  • To avoid a common behavior of some browsers which try "guessing" the URL by adding "www." at the beginning and / or ".com" and the end of the URL when the address is not reachable, make sure to type http at the beginning or add a trailing dot (period) at the end of the URL (i.e. http://spx-hmp-{Serial_Number}.local./ )

IPv4 address
  • Four octets IPv4 address written as decimal numbers, ranging from 0 to 255, separated by a dot / full stop.
  • The HMP is configured by default to use DHCP, so its IPv4 address is allocated automatically by the DHCP server. If there is no DHCP server found or there is an IP conflict or the network link is not detected, then IPv4 address of the HMP is auto-configured in the range -
  • Example:

IPv6 address

  • Link-local IPv6 address to use on Windows Vista or later. Example: http://[fe80::21d:50ff:fe10:0014]/
Note Note:
The {XX:XXXX} notation above needs to be replaced with the the last six digits of the serial number of the HMP.
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