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This page is related to the Control Center interface present on DiVA devices. See also Display and audio settings on HMP350 and HMP300 and, for older models, this page.


The "Display & Audio" page of DiVA Control Center allows configuring display and audio related settings, grouped under the following sections:

  • Display
  • Audio
  • Power (added in firmware 4.0.1)
  • Other

These sections are further detailed below.


Display settings

Allows selecting the DiVA video output signal mode from a fixed number of common video modes, divided in two categories:

  • European, African and most Asian countries
    1080p 50Hz or 720p 50Hz
  • U.S., Canada, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and few other countries
    1080p 60Hz or 720p 60Hz

DiVA video output signal can be rotated to match the screen orientation - this is done by selecting a value for the "Screen orientation" option between:

  • "Horizontal" (default value),
  • "Vertical (CW)", "Vertical (CCW)"

Firmware 4.0.0 only allows for a single 'Vertical' setting, which correspond to "Vertical (CW)".


Audio settings

The following options can be set:

  • Enable audio output
    Activate or deactivate the audio output signal.
  • Target audio output
    If the audio is enabled, you must select if the audio should be output using HDMI or the Line out.
  • Disable audio when screen is turned off
    You can decide to stop the audio when the screen is turned off.


Added in 4.0.1 firmware release.

Display power saving section

This section allows to enable display power management feature and to activate a fixed schedule for display power saving. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Click on "Enable display power management" option.
  2. Enable "Use fixed schedule for display power" option.
  3. Enter the time of the day for turning on the attached display device on the input field labeled "Turn monitor ON".
  4. Enter the time of the day for turning off the attached display device on the input field labeled "Turn monitor OFF".
  5. Click the "Apply" button.


Other display settings

The following options can be set:

  • Overscan percentage
    Set the "Overscan percentage" value between 0 and 5. This allows choosing the size (in percentages) of the black frame added by the HMP to compensate for the overscan of the HDMI-connected screen. This cropping is also known as underscan and it has an effect only when "HDMI display supports underscan" option is disabled.
  • HDMI link type
    Can be used to for the HDMI link to use HMDI of DVI signal in case the automatic detection do not work.
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