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This page explains how to secure your iBX player by setting a BIOS administrator password.

Why set a BIOS password?

Setting up a BIOS password protects your player from unauthorized access and modifications, especially in setups such as:

  • Kiosk setting with a USB keyboard and mouse are connected.
  • Public environments where physical access to player's USB ports is possible.

Setting up a BIOS password

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please ensure that you securely store and remember the BIOS password, as its loss will render the device inaccessible, with no means of recovery. Safeguarding this password is essential.


  • An iBX player
  • A USB Keyboard
  • A display


  1. Connect a USB keyboard to one of the USB ports on your iBX player.
  2. Turn on your iBX player (reboot the player if it's already on) and press the DEL key on your keyboard on boot to access the BIOS.
    BIOS menu
  3. Using the arrow keys on your keyboard, navigate to the Security tab.
  4. Within, the Security tab, locate and select the Administrator password option. Press enter to proceed
    Note Note:
    Choosing an Administrator password limits access to the BIOS setup and is only required when entering setup. If you set a user password, you'll need to enter it every time you turn on the device. So, it's recommended to go with an administrator password.
  5. The system will prompt you to set a password. Type your desired password and press Enter
    BIOS set admin password.jpeg
  6. Confirm the password, retype it and press Enter.
    BIOS confirm password.jpeg
  7. Press F4 and choose 'Yes' to save the changes. Alternatively, use the arrow keys to navigate to the 'Save & Exit' tab and select 'Save Changes and Exit'.
    BIOS save and exit.jpeg

You have successfully set a BIOS password on your iBX player, it will now reboot with the new BIOS password in effect.

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