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This page is related to the Control Center interface present on DiVA, HMP300 and HMP350 devices. For older models, see Maintenance page.


Control Center - Operations

The Operations page of Control Center allows performing different maintenance operations, such as: firmware update, player restart / shutdown, recovery mode, restore default content or factory default settings, format storage, clearing player data, generating a report etc.

It contains the following sections:

  • Firmware Update
  • Maintenance
  • Reset
  • Support

Firmware Update

When opening the "Operations" page, a check for possible firmware update is automatically performed. If a new firmware is available, a notification box is shown suggesting to apply the update.

It is possible to change the firmware update source between the configured update server or a USB key. To trigger a manual check for the latest firmware, press the "Check Now" button.


The maintenance section lets you:

Note Warning:
Unplugging the player from the power network without a prior shutdown, especially in a repetitive manner, could cause content loss and / or hardware problems.


The reset section lets you:

This section also lets you clear specific settings or stored information for the player:

  • Logs
    Remove all the logs from the player. May be needed to help diagnose issues with the player.
  • Cache
    Remove all file store in the player cache. May be needed in case of network issues.
  • Clock calibration
    Clear the internal clock calibration. May be needed in case of network issue.
  • Web storage
    Clear the web storage used by JavaScript. May be needed in case of JavaScript errors.
  • Splash screen
    Restores the default splash screen settings.
  • Touchscreen calibration (HMP350 and HMP300 only)
    Reset to default the configured touch screen calibration.
  • Firmware updates server (HMP350 and HMP300 only)
    Reset to default the configured update server.


Operations > Support

From this section, you generate a player report - this is usually asked by SpinetiX Support for in depth analysis of player malfunction. to help support operation on the device. A report should always be generated when contacting SpinetiX Support.

To generate an extended report, for instance in case of suspected issues with the firmware or the internal storage of the player, check the "Generate extended report" option.

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