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HTTP response headers

Whenever the HMP is responding to an HTTP request (either on port 80 or 81), the following information is added to the HTTP headers:

  • X-spinetix-firmware
    Contains the firmware version of the player.
  • X-spinetix-hw
    Contains the hardware type of the player:
    • "ikebana" for HMP300 and HMP350
    • "Sakura" for HMP200
    • "Bonsai" for HMP130 and HMP100
    • "windows" for Elementi.
  • X-spinetix-serial
    Contains the serial number of the device.
  • X-raperca-version
    Contains the player rendering engine version.


X-spinetix-firmware: 3.1.1-2.0.24093
X-raperca-version: 3.1.1-1.0.23389
X-spinetix-serial: 001d50100341
X-spinetix-hw: Sakura

HTTP request headers

Whenever the HMP is doing an HTTP request (e.g., GET, HEAD, PROPFIND, PUT, POST) to a web server, it automatically adds X-spinetix-serial and X-raperca-version values (see details above) to the HTTP headers.

Note that in case of a request coming from the Elementi software, the value of X-spinetix-serial is "[not defined]".

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