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Animated Playlist icon

The animated playlist widget displays a playlist of images animated using a Ken Burns effect. The Playlist is created automatically from the items retrieved from a data source (e.g., Instagram, Flickr, folder containing media files etc.).

Four animated playlist widgets are included within Elementi 2017, inside these Widget library folders: Instagram, Flickr, Media, and Data Feeds.


Animated Playlist properties

The following properties, found under "Properties" tab, can be used to customize the widget:

  • Data source
    Click on the Data Feed Properties button (it opens the Data Feed Properties dialog) and edit the properties related to the data source from where the files for the media playlist are retrieved.
  • Media template
    Click on the Elementi Icons Layer Properties.png button (it opens the "Layer Properties" dialog) and edit the properties (e.g., URI, media fit, media align, box formating, effects etc) of the media layer used to display each media file retrieved from the data source. To create a dynamic address to the media file, the URI of the layer must contain a data placeholder (e.g., [[enclosure]], [[href]], [[link]] etc.; it is also possible to use something like http://my_server/images/[[name]].png if the entire URL is not provided).
  • Crop size at start (%)
    Initial zoom factor applied on the cropped image.
  • Crop size at end (%)
    Final zoom factor applied on the cropped image. The larger is the difference between the start and end crop size, the more visible will be the zooming animation applied tot he image.
  • Random zoom motion
    If enabled, the start and end size are inverted 50% of the time, causing teh image to zoom in or zoom out randomly.

Note Note: To modify the playlist-related properties of the widget, click on the Document Properties icon.png icon from the toolbar to open the "Document Properties" dialog.


  • The following message is displayed: The media playlist is set to loop and its total duration cannot be determined; using the playlist within a schedule or a multiscreen project might cause problems.
    The alert message is usually displayed when the widget is included into a multiscreen project or a schedule file and it is set to loop - in which case, it may cause synchronization problems. The solution is to disable the widget's looping property.
    This message can also be received within regular projects, when dragging the project timeline or when any manipulation is done on the feed widget after 12 hours of playing time - in this case the alert message can safely be ignored.

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