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A premium player monitoring license allows activating Cockpit's premium monitoring service for a specific player for one year. The premium player monitoring offers access to advanced monitoring and notification tools, such as:

  • Access to the player dashboard offering health trackers, timeline of player's events, large content snapshot (which can be updated on-demand). These are further detailed below.
  • Player update rate of ~ 15 minutes allowing to quickly detect eventual issues.
  • Automatic SMS and / or email notification alerts to react promptly in case of issues.
  • Player risks scenarios through automatic detection of major failure and potential risks scenarios.
  • Remote maintenance tools such as: player shutdown, player restart, update the player firmware to the latest version.


Player monitoring licenses page
Player licenses page

To activate a premium monitoring license onto a player, follow these steps:

  1. Sign into your Cockpit account.
  2. Click the "PLAYERS" link on the top menu.
  3. Click "Monitoring Licenses" link on the left pane to lists all the monitoring licenses assigned to your players.
  4. Click a row to open the monitoring license details page for that player.
  5. Under "Available Licenses" box, check whether you already have monitoring licenses in your pool.
  6. If there aren't any, then click the "Request Offer" button.
    • This will automatically send an email to SpinetiX Sales Team with your request; someone will contact you shortly with further details.
  7. If there are, then click the "Assign License to Player" button and confirm your selection.
    • A monitoring license is assigned to that player with a validity of one year starting from the current day.
Note Notes:
  • It is possible to assign multiple licenses to the same player, in which case it will be monitored for multiple years.
  • From the "Renewal" box, you can select to automatically assign a monitoring license to that specific player when the current license ends, if any are available in your pool.
  • Once assigned to a player, a license cannot be deactivated from that player, unless that player is removed from Cockpit, in which case you will be prompted to select another player.
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