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Players can be monitored by Cockpit under 3 different types of monitoring licenses.

  • Trial monitoring license
    Free 30-day trial of the Premium monitoring license for each player.
  • Basic monitoring license
    Freemium access to standard monitoring tools, for unlimited time and unlimited number of players.
  • Premium monitoring license
    Unlimited access to advanced monitoring and notification tools with high monitoring precision.

Monitoring Licenses list

Player monitoring licenses page

Dealers have access to a set of summary pages regarding the monitoring license status of the player. For each player the following information is shown:

  • Name
  • Serial number
  • Model
  • License type
    Can be one of the following: Trial, Basic, Premium.
  • Expiration date
    The date when the trial or premium monitoring license is set to expire.
  • Progress bar
    A visual representation of the player monitoring license; a red bar means that the license expired and got switched to basic monitoring license.

Note Note:
Click on a line to open the "Monitoring Licenses" page for that player.

Premium monitoring license

Order premium monitoring licenses

Managing licenses
Buying license step 1
Buying license step 2
Pending requests

A dealer can order premium monitoring licenses within Cockpit as following:

  1. Go to the Licenses page (accessible using the top right user menu)
  2. Press the Request More License button
  3. Select the number of license to order.
    You will need one license per player to be monitored.
  4. Add a message to the distributor if needed and press the Send button.
    • The distributor will be automatically notified of your request.
  5. Once the license have been granted you can assign them to the player to be monitored.

On the Request page, you can see the status of your order as following:

  • Pending
    The distributor has not yet responded to your request.
  • Accepted
    The distributor has granted you the requested licenses. Note that a Distributor may send you additional commercial offers to be signed before granting you the licenses.
  • Declined
    The distributor declined your request. Please contact your distributor if the reason for a negative answer needs additional explanations.

Assign a monitoring license to a player

Player licenses page

Assigning license from the player licenses page

  1. Go to the map or player summary pages.
  2. Select a player
  3. Go to the player's Licenses page (left menu)
  4. Click on the Assign License to Player button.

Note Notes:
  • You can select to automatically assign licenses to a specific player from the player License page.
  • Once assigned to a player, a license can only be moved to another player using the License Switch process.
  • If a player is removed from cockpit, licenses attached to this player are lost.
  • It is possible to assign multiple licenses to the same player. In case 2 licenses are assigned, the player will be monitored for 2 years.

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