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Elementi license management is one of the services provided by Cockpit - see also Player monitoring in Cockpit.


Elementi License Management service offers to Cockpit users the possibility to register, manually activate, and manage their Elementi licenses for free, and to request Update Plan extensions (premium service) for their Elementi licenses.


The main benefits of using the Elementi license management service are:

  • Online access to information related to Elementi licenses inventory.
    This allows retrieving information related to Elementi licenses, that you own or manage for your customers, such as: license version (S / M / X), Update plan status, license key, serial number, status, last installed version of Elementi and eventual tags used to classify your licenses. This allows tracking the license usage and knowing the activation date of each license. It is useful in case the license card is lost or misplaced, computer crashed etc.
  • Emergency releases for licenses.
    This allows for maximum 3 emergency releases of a activated license, when you do not have access to release the license from Elementi.
  • Purchase Update Plan extensions for any of the registered Elementi license keys.
    This allows updating your Elementi software version to the latest Elementi version released by SpinetiX within the active period of the Update Plan, at a lower price than purchasing a new license. Plus, you get to keep your current license key.
  • Secure data access from Elementi to your cloud accounts (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, Google, OneDrive), also known as channels.

License registration

Register Elementi licenses into Cockpit

To register one or more Elementi licenses under your Cockpit account, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Cockpit account at https://cockpit.spinetix.com.
  2. Once logged in, click on "Elementi" link on the top menu.
  3. Click on "Register license" button on the top-right side.
  4. Enter the license key(s). A new line is automatically added after entering a license.
  5. Press the "Register" button.

If the license is valid and not registered by another person, then it is added to your account. Otherwise, an explanatory error message is displayed - for instance:

  • "License key is not recognized ..." means that you need to double-check that the license key is correct - look especially for similar characters like 1 and I, 5 and S etc.
  • "License key already registered by ..." means that another person has registered the license before, so the license must first be unregistered by that person.

License management

Elementi licenses registered under Cockpit

Click on the top menu "Elementi" link to get a quick overview of your registered licenses. By default, all licenses are showed, but you can further filter them using the shortcuts on the left-side menu:

  • Activated - to show only the licenses that are activated,
  • Update Plans - to show only the licenses that have a valid Update Plan,
  • No Update Plan - to show only the licenses that do not have a valid Update Plan.

For each license, the following details are showed in the summary table:

  • License key
    This property is a string.
    The first and last digits of the registered license key. A mouse over the license reveals the full license key.
  • Type
    This property is a letter.
    There are 3 different Elementi license types represented by the letters: S, M, X.
  • Status
    This property can be set to:
    • Registered: The license has been registered and is available to be used on a new PC
    • Activated: The license has been activated on a PC.
  • Activation date
    This property is a date.
    If the license is activated, the date of the last activation is shown.
  • Computer
    This property is one or more strings.
    If the license is activated the computer ID of the last activation is shown
  • Update Plan ends
    This property is a date.
    All Elementi software updates released by SpinetiX after this date will not be activated using the license unless a new subscription to the Update plan is purchased for this license. By purchasing a yearly subscription to the Update plan for the license, the date shown in this field will be 12 months later.
    • If the license has never been activated, this field is left empty.
    • If the first activation of the license key has been done before the 15 June 2014, the end of the Update Plan has been set to 15 June 2015, regardless of the actual first activation date.
    • If the first activation of the license key has been done between the 15 June 2014 and the 15 June 2015, the end of the Update Plan has been set to 15 June 2016, regardless of the actual first activation date.
    • Any license key activated for the first time after the 15 June 2015, have and Update Plan ending 12 months after this first activation date.

You can select one or more licenses by clicking on the respective check boxes - or click on "Select all" one to select all of them. The following actions are then possible:

  • Unregister
    Remove the license key from this account.
    Note: Deleting a license key from a cockpit account does not affect any property of the license. It simply allows the license keys to be registered under a different cockpit account.
  • Emergency Release
    This procedure is described in details in the Elementi license page.
    Note that this button is enabled only if a single license is selected.
  • Extend Update Plan
    Let the user purchase new Update Plan subscriptions directly from within Cockpit.
  • Export Selected
    Export selected license status in a CSV file.

Update Plan

The Elementi Update Plan is a new service tailored to Elementi software users. This service grants users access to all major and minor commercial updates for a period of between 1 and 3 years. The purchase of a new Elementi license comes with 1-year Update Plan included.

For full screen, see this video on Vimeo.

The Elementi Update Plan subscription service was introduced at the launch of Elementi 2015, as a convenient way for our long-supporting customers to be able to update their existing Elementi 3.x deployments to the latest product version at a lower cost than buying new licenses for that purpose. In the same manner, new customers benefit of the same convenience for updating to future Elementi products.

Why do I need a valid Elementi Update Plan?

SpinetiX is committed to keeping its Elementi software at the forefront of digital signage innovation. Elementi users can expect on-going evolution and improvements for an ultimate experience bringing digital signage to the next level. Therefore, the Elementi Update Plan offers many user benefits which could be summarized as follows:

  • Up-to-date software
    The plan provides users access to the latest software features and performance optimizations. Since its market introduction, Elementi has continuously evolved over the five generations of the software. Thanks to the 250+ widgets added over time, the power of data-driven digital signage is a reality for Elementi users. The fast track to bringing data from everyday tools beautifully to the right audience at the right time.
  • Maximum security
    Important cybersecurity attacks have recently caused severe disruption of IT services and costly remediation for those affected across many sectors in numerous industries. As the prevalence of connected digital signage systems increases, the number of attacks will not diminish, so it is important to have security as a core requirement when planning, deploying and operating digital signage solutions. In this context, the plan ensures that both HMP devices and Elementi software benefit from the latest security patches and remain fully compatible giving peace of mind to users.
  • Best in class support
    The plan provides the user with best in class support from our free-access technical documentation on Support Wiki up to a local personalized support from our channel ecosystem.
  • Unlimited flexibility
    Users can start the plan anytime and directly from Elementi. The process to update the Elementi license is intuitive and streamlined directly in Elementi, as well as in Cockpit web platform. Users can test any new version of Elementi for free and during 30 days with the trial version.

How does it work?

Update Plan timeline, initial year
Update Plan timeline, second year

It's simple - the purchase of a new Elementi license comes with one-year Update Plan subscription included, which starts when the license is activated for the first time on a PC. See Elementi EULA for more details.

Any new Elementi version released within this one-year period can be installed and used for free. With other words, not only that you will get minor bug-fixing releases for the Elementi version you purchased, but might also be getting the next Elementi product for free!

Will Elementi stop working at the end of Update Plan subscription?

Of course not! You can continue to use the Elementi version downloaded and installed during its Update Plan period for as long as you like.

What changes at the end of the subscription period, is that are you are no longer entitled to free software updates. When a new Elementi version is released, you'll be notified that your Elementi Update Plan has expired and that you need to extend your Update Plan to get access to the latest version of Elementi. This is a premium service accessible through Cockpit.

Can I test the the lastest available Elementi version?

Yes, Elementi versions released after the Update Plan end-date, can be installed and tested for 30 days. After this trial period, you need to decide whether you want to keep using the newer version by purchasing the Elementi Update Plan or downgrading Elementi to the previous version.

When can I buy the Elementi Update Plan?

At any time! Simply log into your Cockpit account and purchase your Elementi Update Plan for 1 or for 3 years to benefit from all major and minor commercial updates that SpinetiX is making available to Elementi software users during the contracted subscription period.

Note Note:
Buying an Elementi Update Plan associated with a license is much lower than purchasing a new Elementi license.

Buy Elementi Update Plan

Elementi licenses registered under Cockpit
To buy the Elementi Update Plan service, you need to have your Elementi license registered into your Cockpit account. You can purchase the Elementi Update Plan for 1 or 3 years and if you choose to buy an Elementi Update Plan in advance, you can take advantage of the "Early Bird" offer

To buy the Elementi Update Plan for one or more registered licenses, follow these steps:

  1. Once notified in Elementi, click "Extend Update Plan".
  2. You'll get redirected to Cockpit. Log into your Cockpit account.
  3. Click the "Elementi" page link on the top-bar menu.
  4. Find the license for which you want to extend the Update Plan.
  5. Click "Buy" or alternatively "Early Bird Offer".
  6. Choose the duration of your plan and hit the "Buy" button again.
  7. On the "Order Summary" page, enter any missing details or change them in case they are not correct. By default, your Cockpit account details are used for your order.
  8. Verify the order details and click either "Request Offer" or "Buy" button.
    • Click the "Buy" button to directly purchase the Elementi Update Plan via a credit card. Your Update Plan is directly activated after the purchase.
    • Click the "Request Offer" button to generate an offer - our Sales Team will contact you with more details about your order.
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