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The user management feature of the player web interface can be accessed from the top bar menu by clicking the user icon. It contains the following sections:

  • Profile
  • User Management (only for users with Admin rights)

For full screen, see this video on Vimeo.



The Profile page is shown by default when clicking the user icon within the top bar menu. It allows changing your user password and selecting the language used by the content management tools.

  • To be able to change your password, you need to enter the old password - without it only a user with admin rights can perform the password change.
  • There are 13 languages to choose from - by default, the language is set to "Automatic", which uses the browser language to select the interface language.

User Management

User Management - DiVA

The User Management page allows users with admin rights to perform the following actions:

  • Create new users;
  • Change passwords of existing users;
  • Change the rights of existing users;
  • Remove users.

User rights

When creating a new user, the administrator can choose which rights to give to that user, from the following:

  • Read-only access
    The user can access the Create and Schedule pages, but cannot change any content. The user could access the Message app if another user with content authoring rights would share the URL to use that app.
  • Content authoring
    The user can fully use the content management tools to create and schedule content.
  • Admin
    The user has full access, including to DiVA Control Center, and can manage other users.

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