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This page is related to Interactivity via USB.

The HMP is compatible with any HID-compliant device emulating key-presses (also known as "wireless presenter" devices) which are commonly used to control slide shows on PCs. Examples of such devices are the Logitech "Remote Presenter" range and Genius Media Pointer 1000. The key-press events generated by such devices can be picked up through the Key to Switch widget, which displays a default content and interactively load other content "pages" whenever a predefined key is pressed.

We have successfully tested the Logitech® Wireless Presenter R400 - the key-press events sent by this device are as follows:

  • Button 1 (left arrow) sends PageUp,
  • Button 2 (right arrow) sends PageDown,
  • Button 3 (play screen) sends alternatively F5 and ESC (U+001B),
  • Button 4 (empty screen) sends a dot (U+002E).
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