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This article is a stub. Main article: Network settings.
NTP settings

This section allows configuring up to five NTP servers that the player can use for its internal clock synchronization with Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). The NTP statistics page describes the statistics shown at the top of this section.

  • Server 1, ... , Server 5.
    Enter the IP or hostname address of the NTP server.
    Enabling the "Monitor only" option next to a NTP server tells the player to only consult that NTP server, but not use it actively as a time source; this is useful when using a player as NTP server for other players.
  • Pause device at startup to wait for NTP servers by
    Select a delay period from 0 to 150 seconds to increase the boot time of the player in order to ensure that NTP servers are started before the player.
Note Notes:
  • For the NTP servers to be used, the "Automatic time from Internet (NTP)" option from the System → Date & Time must be enabled.
  • By default, the SpinetiX players are configured with a list of public NTP servers from ntp.org – these are fine for regular projects, however, a better accuracy is necessary in the case of running time-synchronized content.
  • If access to a local/public NTP server is not allowed, you can use a player as NTP server for other players.
  • For legacy players, see Date/Time page.
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