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SpinetiX no longer offers any repair services, nor technical support, for the legacy products listed below.
The legal terms for legacy products can be found on these pages: General Terms and Conditions of Sale, End User License Agreement, and Product Support Status.


SpinetiX has been manufacturing digital signage solutions since 2006. As part of our ongoing effort to improve our products, we will frequently come out with new designs, features and products. SpinetiX supports the installed base of digital signage solutions for as long as possible, and beyond industry standards in most cases.

SpinetiX products progress through distinct life cycle phases from Market Introduction to End-Of-Life (EOL). When SpinetiX initiates a product through these life cycle phases, an announcement is made and the product end-of-life policy table is updated to include the specific dates for End-of-Sales, End-of-Life, etc. for the specific product in question. As stated in the product warranty, two years after the EOL date, SpinetiX terminates the product life-time warranty: this event is referred to as the End-Of-Warranty (EOW). In case a product fails after its EOW, SpinetiX has no obligation to provide diagnostic, repair or replacement services to the customer on the product.


Product Market Introduction End-of-Life End-of-Warranty Migration Path Notes


February 2011 January 2018 January 2020 HMP350


October 2011 January 2017 January 2019 HMP300


January 2007 July 2012 July 2014 HMP300


Product Market Introduction End-of-Life Migration Path Notes
Hyper Media Director January 2007 January 2014 Elementi See how to upgrade to Elementi.

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