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This is an archive page containing the known issues for 2.x releases; for newer releases, see the Release notes page.


  • The known issues related to the 2.x releases of HMP firmwares and HMD are listed below.
  • Unless noted otherwise, a known issue reported for a certain version applies to the previous versions as well.
  • See also Updating from 2.1 to 2.2 for backward compatibility issues.


Firmware 2.2.6 and earlier

  • (#2814) The time zone for Moscow is wrongly displayed in Control Center, yet the time is correctly displayed by the HMP within a project. To have the same time / time zone in both cases, set the GMT offset manually.

Fusion related issues

  • (#2651) The backup from Fusion does not include the custom fonts (uploaded via a Style Pack).
  • (#2862) After selecting a language other than English for the Fusion interface, creating a new user will wrongly make the interface to be displayed in English, even though the language setting is kept.
  • (#2914) Media files containing special characters in their name, like plus (+), semicolon (;) or ampersand (&), cannot be deleted using the interface.

Firmware 2.2.5 and earlier

  • (#2802) The option "-content" corresponding to the upload action of Pull mode (as specified in the technical documentation) does not work. Regression introduced in 2.2.4 release.
  • Secure HTTP (i.e. HTTP over SSL/TLS) connections should be avoided, because it might not work. Applies only to firmware 2.2.5.

Fusion related issues

  • (#2767) Deleting media files having non-ASCII characters in the name is not working in Internet Explorer. The file appears as being deleted, yet when the Media page is reloaded, the media file is still there. Workaround: use another browser or change the name of the file.

Firmware 2.2.4 and earlier

  • (#2319) Few time zones that were recently updated, like Brisbane and Phoenix (might be few others as well) are showing the wrong time in Control Center, however the time is correct on the HMP.
  • (#2342) When using Pull mode to publish content and there's no available storage left, the player will restart and end up displaying only some parts of the old content or, most probably, nothing at all (black screen).
  • (#2370) A maximum of five concurrent H.264 videos (including streams) can be decoded; any additional video will appear blank.
  • (#2430) When using the textContent attribute on a DOM element, the following characters are replaced by spaces (\n, \t and \r)
    This issues affects only the 2.2.4 firmware.
    The example Projects:Line breaks will not work as expected in the 2.2.4 firmware
  • (#2546) The HMP reboots every time you are trying to access it from HMD - see "Error while listing collection" below.
    • Note that the HMP can easily end-up is safe mode because of this.
  • (#2639) When displaying two or more RTP streams with different multicast IP addresses using the same port, one of the streams is displayed on the screen multiple times. To avoid this, you need to use different ports. This doesn't affect HMD.

Fusion related issues

  • (#2543) When using Fusion and changing the layout from horizontal to vertical, the HMP must be rebooted manually for the content to look as expected on the screen.
  • (#2550) If Fusion mode is enabled when the HMP firmware is updated, the fixes for Fusion will not be activated until Fusion is re-enabled. For this, follow these steps:
    1. Backup the Fusion content and download it to your PC.
    2. Disable Fusion.
    3. Enable Fusion again.
    4. Restore the backup from your PC.
  • (#2553) Hight-quality JPEG images uploaded into Fusion on an HMP200 are resized if any of the dimensions are bigger than 1280 pixels (instead of 1920 pixels).
    • For instance, an 1920x1280 image will be resized to 960x640 pixels! (see this page for more details)
    • To import large JPEG images (with dimensions up to 1920 pixels), use the following procedure:
    1. Open Fusion
      • Go to the "Settings->Backup" page and create a backup of your content
      • Download and save this backup (using the FusionEditIcon.gif icon) to your PC.
    2. Open HMD
      • Create a new project, with HMP200 as target and then delete the index.svg.
      • Drag and drop the 7z backup file (saved previously) into this project. This will create plenty of collections / folders, including one called "images".
      • Drag and drop all your high-resolution images into the "images" collection. (HMD will resize the images bigger than 1920 pixels)
      • Go back to the root of the project and select all the folders.
      • Right click and select "Archive" option
      • Save the 7z file created by HMD on your PC.
    3. Go to Fusion again
      • Go to the "Settings->Backup" page, press the "Add" button and select the 7z file created by HMD.
      • Once the file has been uploaded into Fusion, you will see the new backup file.
      • Press the "Restore" button (FusionActivateIcon.gif). All your images are now available in full HD quality inside Fusion.

Firmware 2.2.3 and earlier

  • When using an external USB flash memory stick, publishing of large files (>600MB) using the pull mode may cause the device to restart.
  • Some MPEG1/2 encoded video in very specific conditions, may cause grey artifacts on screen (affects HMP200 only)
  • Vertical video resolution is limited to 1080 pixels on the HMP200.
    To use HMP200 in vertical mode, you need to use video in landscape mode and rotate it using the SVG file.
  • When updating from firmware 2.0.4 or earlier to 2.2.1 or later it is necessary to first manually "Format Internal Storage" from the Maintenance page of Control Center.
  • Using menu_media.svg in multi-screen project may crash the player if the default media is a video or an audio file.
    Workaround: Use an image as the default media OR change the begin attribute of the multi-screen template to be a date close to today begin='wallclock(2011-12-01T00:00:00)'.
  • After creating a new project using HMD in German language, trying to open the index.svg file returns an error: XML Parse error: at line 34 column 1 - you will have to switch to another language, at least when creating a new project.
  • When using an HMP130, Serial COM port commands cannot be sent and the following errors appears in the log: "Cannot start COM port automaton: Serial port locked by process with PID 1".
    Solution: Install the 2.2.4 firmware, disable the RS232 port protocol and then enable it again.

Firmware 2.2.2 and earlier

  • Restoring configuration backups created from a device with an administrative password set will prevent all future access to Control Center. To recover from this situation the device must be reset to factory default settings via the HMP blue button.
  • Using a schedule (ICS file) inside a multiscreen index file breaks the synchronization. This has been fixed in 2.2.3 firmware version.
    Applies to firmware 2.2.0 to 2.2.2 only.
  • Using a clock in a document inside a schedule (ICS file) will not display the correct time. This has been fixed in 2.2.3 firmware version.
    Applies to firmware 2.2.0 to 2.2.2 only.
  • Using the option "-content" for the Pull mode is not working
  • For HTTP servers that do not return an ETag, some files might not be reloaded by the player even if they are modified on the server. This has been fixed in 2.2.3 firmware version.

Firmware 2.2.1 and earlier

  • Certain Cat5 extender devices do not correctly send the hotplug detect signal on the HDMI or VGA connectors, resulting in constant new connection attempts (many per second) and no signal shown on the display. This can make the HMP unstable. Note that the stability issue has been fixed in later firmware, but the offending 3rd party device should still be replaced, repaired or re-configured to ensure a reliable signal.


Version 2.2.5 and earlier

  • (#2478) When using a style pack in the Fusion Elements, custom fonts (in the pack fonts folder) are not recognized, nor used by HMD. However, once imported into Fusion the fonts will be used by the player to render the content.
  • (#2539) The playback.svg template throws an error (ReferenceError...) when the "Send updates" property is set to "Off" (default value) and the shared variable is updated. The solution is to set the "Send updates" property to "On".
  • (#2682) Due to security changes in Windows 7, templates can no longer be edited or new templates copied to the My Templates folder, even when "Enable Template Editing" is enabled.

Version 2.2.4 and earlier

  • (#2546) "Error while listing collection", with a PROPFIND error in description. Typically, the HMP will reboot after this HMD error.
    Error while listing collection
    • You can get this error in HMD, in the following cases:
      • You are browsing the HMP content / storage and trying to create a new collection.
      • You are not using the publishing feature of HMD (recommended!) and instead, you are uploading / copying content directly on the HMP (not recommended!) and the content (a collection / folder) has a special folder, called .SPXDAV, somewhere in its inner structure.
      • You are trying to browse the content of an HMP (and sometimes when trying to publish to) after the above cases.
    • To fix this you need to update to the latest HMD version. Alternatively, you can follow these steps:
      1. Open the Maintenance page from Control Center.
      2. Restore the default content on the device.
      3. Edit your content / project inside HMD (for instance, if you need to create a new collection).
      4. Use the publishing feature of HMD for sending the content onto the HMP.
  • (#2584) Importing a presentation without a landscape orientation and a standard aspect ration (4:3, 16:9, 16:10) will fail. (See File import page for more details)
  • (#2611) When creating a new Playlist with HMD set to use the German language, the name of the new file is by default "Wiedergabeliste" instead of "Wiedergabeliste.svg". You need to manually add the extension to be able to use that file.

Version 2.2.3 and earlier

  • Import of images with very large dimensions (e.g. 3000x2000 resolution) causes an error in the resizing, resulting in an image that cannot be displayed on an HMP
  • There is a problem with the German translation (in this version only) that prevents creating any new projects, Fusion skins / templates - the solution is to use another language or update to 2.2.6 version.

Version 2.2.2

  • Sounds in PowerPoint presentations can cause the importer to fail. Sounds are not supported by the importer and should be removed before importing.
  • The current date is not updated on the screen (e.g. the day before is displayed) - see HMD Templates Troubleshooting page how to fix this.
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