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The Update Plan is a one-year subscription period, associated with an Elementi license, during which the customer has immediate access to the latest versions of Elementi, without having to purchase another license. This subscription can be extended from Cockpit for additional years.

The Update Plan subscription was introduced at the launch of Elementi 2015, as a convenient way for our long-supporting customers to be able to update their existing Elementi 3.x deployments to the latest product version at a lower cost than buying new licenses for that purpose. In the same manner, new customers benefit of the same convenience for updating to future Elementi products.

Update Plan timeline, initial year
Update Plan timeline, second year
Update Plan timeline, third year

How does that work?

It's simple - every new Elementi license comes with one-year Update Plan subscription, which starts when the license is activated for the first time on a PC. For more details, see Elementi EULA.

Any new Elementi version released within this one-year period can be installed and used for free. With other words, not only that you will get minor bug-fixing releases for the Elementi version you purchased, but might also be getting the next Elementi product for free!

Will Elementi stop working at the end of that one-year period?

Of course not! You can continue to use the Elementi version downloaded and installed during its Update Plan period for as long as you like.

What changes at the end of the subscription period, is that are you are no longer entitled to free software updates. When a new Elementi version is released, you'll be notified that your Elementi Update Plan has expired and that you need to extend your Update Plan to get access to the latest version of Elementi. This is a premium service accessible through Cockpit.

Can I test the new version first?

Yes, Elementi versions released after the Update Plan end-date, can be installed & tested for 30 days. After this trial period, Elementi will ask whether you want to extend your Update Plan subscription to keep using the newer version; of course, you can choose to downgrade Elementi to the previous version.

When can I subscribe?

At any time! Simply log into your Cockpit account and extend your Update Plan for additional years to uninterruptedly benefit of free-of-charge update to any product version that SpinetiX is making commercially available to its customers during the contracted subscription period - the fee to pay for this premium service is much lower than purchasing a new license every year.

Note that the extension of the Update Plan associated with a license always starts from the end of the previous plan validity, regardless of the date of purchase. This means that if the request is done more than one year after the previous subscription ended, you need to purchase an Update Plan extension for at least two years, to buy-back the period without subscription.

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