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Each SpinetiX player can be uniquely identified by its serial number, which is based on its MAC address (except for HMP400). A friendlier device name can be assigned to the player - initially, this is set to its serial number.

A sticker with the serial number, barcode (of the serial number), the player model, and few other information can be found on the bottom side of each player. This helps to identify the unit and it should not be removed.

MAC address

Player on screen info

Each player has a unique MAC address for network identification, having the following format: 00:1d:50:mm:xx:xx, where:

To find out the player MAC address, briefly press and release its blue button to trigger On-Screen Display (OSD).

Serial number

All players have a unique “service serial number” of 12 hexadecimal characters, with the following format: 001d50mmxxxx, which is the player's MAC address without the colon separator. See more details above.

The HMP400/W players have an additional "user serial number", composed of 8 alphanumeric characters, starting with X2 for HMP400 and X3 for HMP400W. You can use the tool below to convert between the two types.

Note Notes:
  • The serial number(s) of the player cannot be changed in any way.
  • You can find out the player serial number(s) on the sticker on the bottom side of the player case or on the connected display by briefly pressing and releasing its blue button. If you have network access to the player, you can also find it on the Control Center home page.
  • The serial number of third-party players is based on the board serial number, the system serial number, or the chassis serial number from SMBIOS data.

Device name

Each player has a device name, set by default to the player serial number, displayed and configurable within the Control Center interface. The device name is advertised on the network through device discovery protocols and it is shown within Elementi Devices or in Windows Explorer.

To change the device name, follow these steps:

  1. Open Control Center and go to:
  2. Enter the new device name - only ASCII charters, underscore and the hyphen; spaces are not allowed.
  3. Click the "Apply" button.
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