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  • Category: Time
  • Author: SpinetiX S.A.
  • License: GPL Version 3
  • Target: Elementi 2015 or later.


Icon counter widgets.png

This sample project displays the remaining time until the New Year's Day using a "CountTo" widget.

To create such a project, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new project. (This tutorial might also come in handy).
  2. Open the project by double-clicking on its icon.
  3. Add a text layer from the toolbar and set the text content to "New Year's Countdown".
  4. Click on the "Library" tab within the Browse panel. This opens the Elementi Library.
  5. Open the "Counters" folder and find the "CountTo.svg" widget.
  6. Drag & drop the widget from the Browse panel onto the Preview panel. A new media layer is added on top of the other layers.
  7. Go back to the project tab. Note that the widget file was automatically copied into the current project upon import.
  8. Double-click on the "CountTo.svg" layer within the Edit panel to open the widget.
  9. Set the expiration date & time property to "31 Dec 2015 23:59:59".
  10. Set the count unit property to days.
  11. Set the text template to "DD hh mm ss". Use DDD if more than 99 days are left until the selected date.
  12. Click on the "Leave" button from the toolbar to get back to the main layout.
  13. Add a second text layer from the toolbar and set the text content to "DAYS HOURS MINUTES SECONDS".
  14. Arrange the layers on the screen and adjust the text to align the numbers with the text.
  15. Click on "Save" button from the toolbar.
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