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This page applies to digital signage players running DSOS™ by SpinetiX™.


Introduced in DSOS release 4.5.1, this feature brings a convenient way of provisioning an HMP400, HMP400W, or a third-party DSOS player, through a USB stick.

Note Note:
This mechanism is only active and can be used on a player which has not yet been configured - for instance after a reset to factory default settings or after flashing the firmware from Recovery mode. For security reasons, once the player has been configured, this mechanism is deactivated.


  1. If the player has already been configured and/or added into SpinetiX ARYA™, then reset it to factory default settings.
  2. Prepare a configuration file - which can be either
  3. Plug the USB stick into your computer.
    • The USB drive must be formatted as FAT32, to be used both by the PC and the player.
  4. Copy the configuration file into the root of the USB stick.
  5. Eject the USB stick from the computer.
  6. Connect the USB stick to the HMP400, HMP400W, or the third-party DSOS player.
  7. Soon after, the configuration is applied. The player would probably reboot automatically to apply the new configuration.
Note Notes:
  • Although multiple configuration files can be present on the USB key, the first file found with a matching name is the file applied. The order of search is as follows: the player first looks for a file (.cfg then .xml) containing its serial number in the name; otherwise, it looks for a config.cfg, then a config.xml file.
  • For third-party DSOS players, the board, system, and chassis serial numbers in SMBIOS can also be used as the serial number in the file name.
  • When using a .cfg archive, only the config.xml in the root is actually used - other files, like splash screen images or FSM files, are ignored.

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