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Apps Weather

The Apps Weather is used to display current weather or forecast

  • Free OpenWeather data
  • Choose 1 to 7 days
  • Choose up to 3 locations
  • Automatic °C/°F adjustment



The Apps Weather can be used to display the weather forecast for one to three locations.

The following properties can be configured:

  • Location (1/2/3)
    Up to three city location can be specified. It is recommended to always follow the city name by the country code, separated by a coma. ("geneva,ch" or "new york,us")
  • Unit
    You can choose between Centigrade and Fahrenheit
  • Locale (multiple days only)
    Locale use to display the date. Many different locale can be selected.


Configuring - single day
Configuring - multiple days

The Apps can be freely positioned anywhere in the Playout as long as it does not overlap other Apps.

The Apps has the following configurations parameters

  • Type
    Type of weather forecast to be displayed
    • Current weather ( single day only ): Displays current weather conditions.
    • Today ( single day only ): Displays today's forecast
    • Tomorrow ( single day only ): Displays tomorrow's forecast
    • Horizontal ( multiple day only ): Display forecast using horizontal layout
    • Vertical ( multiple day only ): Display forecast using vertical layout
  • Location (1/2/3)
    City names of the location for the forecast. This is the same locations as the ones shown in properties.
  • Number of days ( multiple day only )
    Number of days of forecast to be displayed. Up to 7 days are supported with firmware 4.0.1
  • Unit
    Unit used to display the temperature. This is the same data as the one shown in properties.
  • Duration
    In case of multiple locations, duration of the display of each location.
  • Date ( multiple day only )
    Configure how the date should be shown in the display. The following values are possible:
    • No date: do not show any date.
    • Day and month: Shows the date as number and the month name.
    • Day of the week: Shows the day of the week.
  • Locale ( multiple day only )
    Locale use to display the date (name of the month, name of the days)
  • Color
    Color of the text text.
  • City
    Indicated whether the city name should be shown or not.
  • Temperature
    Indicated whether the temperature should be shown or not.
  • Background
    Color of the background
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