Updating the HMP firmware to 3.1

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The 3.1.1 release ("Grand Combin") of HMP firmware has been pushed on the mainstream update channel, thus the instructions on this page are not required anymore.


The 3.1.0 HMP firmware version is a major release and, as any major release, it is not be published right away on the mainstream update channel as it might imply some backward compatibilities with older versions. If you want to update to 3.1.0 right away, some extra steps are required.

Note Note: It is recommended to update one HMP device to 3.1.0 and test the existing content on it, before updating all the other HMP devices within your network.

Using HMP Wizard

When the HMP Wizard is active, the HMP automatically checks for firmware updates on the default location (i.e. the SpinetiX mainstream update channel) - to update the HMP firmware to 3.1.0, this location needs to be changed.

Operation Mode
  1. Enter the HMP address within a browser as suggested by the on-screen wizard.
  2. Click on "Next" button to get to the "Operation Mode" page.
  3. Select "Advanced" and then click on "Next" button.
  4. On the "Advanced" page, either
    a) select "Upload and apply configuration file" and upload this configuration file(which changes the firmware update location), or
    b) select "Access HMP Control Center".
  5. Click on "Finish" button.
  6. If the choice at step #4 was
    a => then the HMP will check for firmware updates on the specified location when the wizard restarts. To revert to the default location, use this configuration file.
    b => then follow these steps to update the firmware from SpinetiX server, where the "Server URI" is set to http://download.spinetix.com/hmp-next/updates/ .

Using HMP Control Center

You can use any of the methods detailed under "Firmware update from HMP Control Center" to update the HMP firmware to 3.1.0, with the mention that:

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