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This page is related to the Control Center interface and applies to HMP400/HMP400W, iBX410/iBX410W, iBX440 with DSOS WIDGETS license (or higher), as well as HMP350 and HMP300.


Scheduled Download feature can be used to retrieve content from a remote web server, in a scheduled manner (daily or hourly) or on demand. This feature is a simplified version of Pull Mode functionality and can be used with any standard web server, with or without WebDAV extension enabled.

There are two ways to use this:

  • In the simple settings mode, the Schedule Download behaves like a regular publish from Elementi, therefore the content retrieved through Schedule Download can be scheduled for display through the "Elementi" asset. Note that it will overwrite any content published from Elementi onto that player.
  • In the advanced settings mode, one or more scheduled download sources can be configured, which could be displayed individually as Live Sources.


Simple settings

Content - Scheduled Download

To set up a scheduled download, follow these steps:

  1. Open Control Center and click on Content → Scheduled Download page.
  2. Enter the HTTP(S) address where the content can be downloaded from; that can be:
    • the project location for WebDAV-enabled web servers, for instance
    • the URI of the XML repository descriptor file for conventional web servers, for instance
  3. Select the content update frequency (between daily or hourly), or click the reload icon to trigger the update of the content manually.
    • In case of selecting daily update, select also the time when the to check the server for updates.
  4. Click "Apply" button to validate your changes.
Note Note:
The content retrieved through this method overwrites any content published from Elementi onto that player.

Advanced settings

Advanced Scheduled Download

Changing the "Settings" option to "Advanced", allows configuring multiple scheduled download sources and also adds two more options for each source:

  • "Do not update sub-folders" checkbox options
    Enable this option for the HMP to retrieve only the files from the root of the path provided under "Server URI".
  • Destination folder input field
    Enter a folder name for the player to put the files retrieved from the server in that particular folder (and avoid overwriting the entire content). If missing, the folder is automatically created.
Note Notes:

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