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Applies to: HMP350, HMP200.

Axis Roadshow sample

"Axis Roadshow" sample project can be used as a starting point for creating welcome-screen content integrating an Axis camera stream.

Beside the Axis camera stream, this sample project also contains a "Today Opening Hours" widget (customized for German users), an RSS ticker widget (showing Axis news), and some graphical elements.

To integrate your Axis camera stream into the project, follow these steps:

  1. Download the sample project
  2. Drag & drop the 7z file into the Browse panel under the "Projects" view to import the sample project into Elementi.
  3. Double-click on the "Axis Roadshow sample" icon to open the project.
  4. Find the video streaming layer (rtsp://***camera-ip***/axis-media/media.amp) within the Edit panel.
  5. Click "Layer Properties" button to open the "Layer Properties" window.
  6. Under "URI", replace ***camera-ip*** with the IP address of your Axis camera.
  7. Click "OK" and save the changes.

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