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There are three operating modes of the player:

Normal mode

The player is in a fully-functionality state, rendering the content on the screen, and executing content pull actions, if any.

Safe mode

This is a reduced-functionality mode that is meant to prevent a reboot loop in case of content-related problems. It is automatically triggered when the player is forced to reboot three to five times in a short period of time. The rendering of the user content is temporarily replaced with a "Safe Mode" text box and a small blinking square, on a black background, slowly changing to white (to avoid screen burn-in); any content pull actions are disabled as well. The player web interface is accessible as usual.

Recovery mode

This is a low-level functionality state of player which is automatically triggered in case of file-system corruption or hardware problem. It can also be triggered manually to flash the player firmware. In this mode, only a basic player interface (Recovery Console) is accessible via network, while on the screen, the text "Recovery System" (with or without the SpinetiX splash-screen) is shown.

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