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There are three operating modes of the player:

  • Normal operating mode
    The player is in a fully-functionality state, rendering the content on the screen and executing any content pull related actions.
  • Safe mode
    This is a reduced-functionality state of the player where the user content rendering is temporarily disabled and replaced with a "Safe Mode" text box along with a small blinking square and a slowly changing background color from white to black (to avoid screen burn-in); content pull actions are also disabled. This mode is automatically triggered when the player is forced to reboot three times in less than 30 minutes, due to problems playing the user content. The other player interfaces are accessible as usual.
  • Recovery mode
    This is a low-level functionality state of player which is automatically triggered in case of file-system corruption or hardware problem. It can also be triggered manually to flash the player firmware. In this mode, only a very basic player interface (Recovery Console) is accessible via network, while on the screen, the text "Recovery System" (with or without the SpinetiX splash-screen) is shown.
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